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Sounds good to me, best of luck to them and I’d love to try it next time I go to Cuba. I’m all for more diversity of meat. The ubiquitous poultry, pork, beef trio gets boring at times. I love going to Louisiana and tasting all of the delicious varieties of meats... turtle, frog, gator, crawfish, nutria etc. Further afield, there are some delicious insects commonly available in Oaxaca, Mexico: grasshoppers, worms (super creamy and woody), and winged ants (seasonal specialty)

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11 hours ago, canadianbeaver said:

Emu or ostrich is delicious. We have bean eating this lean bird for a long time. I have not had the eggs though, which are supposed to be fantastic. 


I have to admit an egg that size scares me a little bit.  That's a whole lot of egg sloshing around in there.  A whole lot.  But I'm down to try anything.  I think.  ?

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