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  1. Everyone has to rise up together its the only way out. Will take some big balls to make it happen.
  2. The whole thing is proposterous really whats the point ? Its like eating a bowl of soup with the ladle .
  3. I think it was a 35 year old Cuban from the 50's reviewed in the 80's sometime got a 98 . E.P. Carrillo Pledge Prequel ; Rating: 98 ; Dominican Republic ; Dimensions: 5" by 50 ring . Has anyone tried this cigar ? I have a box of 10 on the way out of curiosity only $9 US a stick. Sure it will be smokeable ? LOL.
  4. Cuban coffee has never impressed me. Mediocre at best . African coffee is my go to.
  5. Weird , Cuban Generals also ??? Pure coincidence surely. https://globalnews.ca/news/8790242/russian-oligarchs-suicides-ukraine/
  6. Going to be tough to motivate the farmers you have been ripping off for decades to up production knowing they won't get to share in it.
  7. The hot humid southern Ontario summers can tropical like for a few weeks each year.
  8. Though not a true patron of cycling. LOL. Fat tire Voltbike Yukon 750 . Mostly gravel lots of hills. Back into riding at 60 , the Ebike makes it fun/possible to ride like 25 again , well almost .😎
  9. I managed to obtain 7 boxes of TES AGO 2016 . Nice wrappers, well stored and smoking a dream. Just under $4 cad a stick.
  10. Is this a quiet revolt/protest perhaps ? Do as little as possible for the government ?
  11. Always found them inconsistent , a hit or miss cigar . When on a good smoke.
  12. Found these Petit Cetros smoking way above any JLP I have tried . @NSXCIGAR your old faves .
  13. So frying/grilling those bad boys , to much fat for open BBQ ?
  14. Dilution with a box of sodium Bicarbanate and a couple gallons water in bucket then down the drain.

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