Video Review - Bolivar Tesoro RE 2016


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I’ve got ETP JUL + NOV 16, @El Presidente. Partagas code, I believe.

The first one I smoked very young, and it was monstrously strong. I’ve tried a couple of others since, and both were milder, more like your description, and although there was a sweet, creaminess to them, I didn’t really get that PL caramel. I did, howerever, get that meaty, gaminess that I always seem to get from good Bolis.

Absolutely agree with you about downtime. I plan on keeping a few of these well beyond the 5-year mark.

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Well it’s definitely time for me to get back to Germany and dig out my boxes to try one or two of them! Thanks for the great review!

Edit: had a quick look on the German forum, it seems like most boxes over there are ETP August to November.

No idea about my boxes, won’t make it back to my basement storage in Germany before May/July?

Cheers, Leif

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