Cohiba Espléndidos - EOG CCUA


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Last weekend I came across a deal too good to pass on OR perhaps too good to be true.

Well see.

Exactly what the deal was and where I’ll reveal eventually.


So I got this box of 24 out of 25 Cohiba Espléndidos.

stamped EOG CCUA (the U is barely visible)

I did some research;

EOG Miguel Fernández Roig - La Coruna factory

CCUA : 04/99 - April 1999

The cigar bands are of the type used until 2003.

The latch/lock has a “Schmale Germany” imprint. Schmale has an exclusive contract with Cuba (since 1911 they say) to manufacture the latches. 

The bottom of the box has an extra stamp “VENDIDO EN CUBA POR CUBANACAN Habanos s.a”. 

(I found a similar mention of the odd cubanacan stamp on a German forum). It’s my guess the stamp mentiones Cubanacan, since a bunch of Cubanacan hotels these days host a LCDH (la Casa del Habano) store these days. In what year did the LCDH stores come into play?

The yellow in the Cohiba bands and lid sticker look more like the original Cohiba orange/yellow than the plain yellow often seen in fakes. The pictures where I used flash seem to serve the color better.

The cedar sheet has a straight upper right cut. The second sheet has no imprint and no cut upper right.

I turned the cigars in the picture below for viewing/identification. Up front they look much more aligned. The ‘turned’ band picture doesn’t serve them well.

The Cuban government and Habanos seals came separate/unused.

Was the red print on the government seal in use early 99 ? Also I think I spot a newer/extra palm on the right part of the seal.

Your opinions please !

(at least this doesn’t have a glass top ?

Anyways, it’s my precious ?









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Yeah, that's kinda the point of the seals.  They are attached before distribution.  That's the dead give away.

Aside, the 1993-2003 era bands are also poorly made.  Specifically, look at the press quality of the script.

For your reference, see Standard Band C here:

Not so precious.  Bummer.  But now you know.

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