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  1. I was hoping to tap the collective wisdom of this group to advise on a larger humidor build order I’m about to pull the trigger on. The question I’m wrestling with is whether to go with a cooled version or uncooled. I’m not sure my temps get high enough for long enough to worry about beetles and I’ve heard that sometimes the condensation issues from cooled units sometimes cause even more problems. However, it might be good to have the flexibility and I don’t mind spending a bit more if it made sense to have the extra feature. As background, I live in the Northeast US and the unit is going to sit in my unfinished but insulated basement. I’ve pasted below the annual temperature findings for one of the tupperdors in the same location. Any advice/thoughts on which to go with? The price difference is about $1K for the uncooled vs cooled, if that matters. Thanks!
  2. I’ve been finding myself paying more attention and tasting more bourbons, whiskeys and rums. Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with the Advent Calendars? It feels like a good way to capture a larger number of samples before committing to a full bottle of anything. Any calendar recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Welcome! It may be a hot muggy swap but us northerns are certainly envious of your longer outdoor smoking season!
  4. Welcome and great story! Only thing I can say is stick around here long enough and soon you’ll have enough cigars to fill a small room!
  5. I was just in Delhi and saw nothing there worth writing home about. Not sure where you’re flying in from but if you’re flying Emirates and have a layover in Dubai, I say save your money looking for cigars in India and go crazy at the Dubai duty free. Amazing selection!!
  6. Obviously the lusi’s are going to take this but I’m a little surprised not to see the E2’s higher. I have to admit, not my favorite when fresh but as they mature, I think these are going to be phenomenal.
  7. Does any one have any experience with these? I've been eyeing them for a while and really like the concept and aesthetics.
  8. Amazing! Love the artwork and finish detail. Enjoy!!
  9. For me it was the misalignment of the Taino head. There was more white in some spots than others. The hologram inside the head didn't look as crisp as you would expect but that's sometime difficult to tell with all the variables around the lighting, etc. I have no comment on the cigar construction itself and will leave that to others with more experience than myself.
  10. Agreed. That was the first thing that stood at to me as well. Still a nice gesture though albeit counterfeit.

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