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Not to hijack your thread Fuzz, but I snapped a pic of this the other day thinking there was some major significance to the numerology.  33 degrees F and 8888 miles, should have sped up to 77 MPH!  




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1 hour ago, El Presidente said: you have a favourite post ? :D

I think you mean “Shanchezsh”.

Ash in “Juan Shanchezsh Villalobosh Ramiresh, Chief Metallurgisht to King Charlesh Fifth of Shpain.”

And he’sh at your shervish.



I’ll stop now. Sorry. ?

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On 2/27/2019 at 5:30 PM, ayepatz said:

It is the Shovereign Right of every Shcot to think that they can do a deshent “Shur Shawn”. The dodgier the better.

If Bregshit goesh ahead, and the Shcots then declare independensh, I feel thish s(h)hould be a vital tesht in our new immigration polishy.

For what it’sh worth, even though the Dragon is Wels(s)h Intellectual Copyright (apparently), I will make shure that shuch a generoush individual ash yourshelf ish alwaysh welcomed with open armsh.?

Congratsh on all the eightsh!



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