The Wheezydor - my custom humidor project

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I guess it’s fitting that with the end of the year upon us, so is the end of this thread!  Over the past few days, I’ve added 12v LED lights, and the intermittent fan.  I’m not quite ready to load thi

And after...

@LordAnubis Bulky? might hurt the hinges feelings! ?

They are...robust...but when you see what they do, and how they do it, those Blum engineers are freaking smart! Basically, it allows for a heavy door to swing *completely* free of a cabinet, with no touching or rubbing (watch it, Harvey Weinstein!).  And then close with essentially no effort, softly and snugly.  First time I’ve used the Blum Aventos system, and as a life-long woodworking hobbyist, I am amazed.  They are really, really cool. 10/10, strongly recommend.

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Glass time...

Using a bead of silicone sealant around the perimeter of the frame.  Essentially an adhesive, and (obviously) seals and air leaks.


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Next is a strip of wood, screwed in place, to fully secure the glass.  Silicone + wood strip + 10 screws = glass ain’t going anywhere without permission!


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Getting close to wrapping up the Wheezydor!  Silicone has to fully cure...those odors won’t mix with the stix!  Need to do a final adjustment on the drawers for smooth action.  Weather stripping will get installed as well, which might necessitate an adjustment on the Blum hinges to close with more pressure.

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@rcarlson @Fatshotbud Thanks fellas!  I can’t wait until it’s loaded up with 24:24 stock!  Received a couple more boxes yesterday, and threw them into my current desktop units. It will be interesting to see how long this one takes to season, once all the construction-phase stuff has cured.

For the record, the Wheezydor will be completely fine with generous wipe-downs with distilled water.  I’ve read a few places that some guys are reluctant to add moisture this way...not really sure why.  But having worked with wood for 20+ years, paying a lot of attention to wood moisture and wood movement, a healthy surface wipe will be inconsequential.

Once it hits a steady 65%, it goes into production.  ?

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21 hours ago, Fatshotbud said:

And the hinges stop at intervals you select - Like halfway or 3/4 open and holds where you stop the position?
And my mother always used the description "husky" emoji39.png

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The hinges are continuously presets.  That little video highlights the action nicely.  

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Got the weather stripping installed...the seal is fantastic! When opening or closing the doors, it’s similar to a small fridge.  There’s that suction action (or air displacement, if that makes sense).  Started the seasoning process. You can zoom in on the pics and see the hygrometer status.  RH has been in high 70’s but I anticipate it dropping over the next several days. Did a generous wipe down, and have the Bovi 65’s in place.

Yes, that’s New England vs. Miami on MNF in the reflection!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Wow...thanks everyone. Kind words indeed.  I have one more aspect before I consider the Wheezydor finished: humidity, temp, and air circulation...or in the words of Piggy...cigar climatology. 

During the seasoning process, I was able to watch the environmentals much more closely than the other 2 humidors I’ve made, mainly because the Wheezydor is in my home office (where I spend a lot of time on boring conference calls), and there’s a window that allows me to check without disturbing.

Then I fell down the @PigFish rabbit hole of cigar climatology. I’m fascinated by Piggy’s ability to grind on the details. In my line of work, I come across a lot of similar personalities - precise, detail-oriented folks that won’t rest until it’s perfect.  Serious respect.  Regrettably, I’m not wired up quite like that.

That said, I’m trying my best. I’ve realized that I’ve got a significant daily temperature swing, and I also have essentially zero air flow. I’m watching all of the relevant videos that Ray’s posted, and noodling on solutions.  During the holiday slow-down coming up, I’m going to install some LED strip lighting (dimmable) to illuminate the interior, but to also add a modest heat source to keep closer to a constant 68-70F degrees. I’m also working on a small programmable fan system to move air on a regular basis. 

Ray - if you’re still keeping tabs on this thread...thanks for the depth of knowledge and experiences that you’ve shared here and on YouTube. Not everyone would do that.  THANK YOU. 

A few more updates in the coming days, then we will be done! 

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