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  1. The FCK is kinda funny, but I doubt the franchisees are laughing at their losses, nor the employees dependent on their weekly checks to pay the bills.
  2. I had a Davidoff Millennium back in the early 2000's (if memory serves), and I swore up and down it was Cuban.
  3. Happy birthday Rob, cheers and good health to you!
  4. Being the government...they will probably be promoted and given a raise.
  5. Didn't figure on HH making it the accomplishment to be sure, but Cyborg is a beast, steroids or not. Khabib/Barbosa was interesting, I expected more from Barbosa, but Khabib is an animal. I predict he will shock everyone if he gets a shot heard it here first!
  6. 1. Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 2. Ramon Allones Specially Selected 3. Partagas Serie D No.4
  7. Terrible to hear this, I wish you well, and hope for you to flourish beyond your loss.

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