2017 Deletions.

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This list was given to me today (it is official). 

Check the packaging type being deleted. Not all are gone. 


As for the rest.....some of my regular rotation favourites. 

Bolivar Tubos No 1 

Bolivar Corona Gigantes

HDM du Prince 

H. Upmann Petit Corona


Now don't panic......OK...I put away a dozen boxes of Boli No 1 for myself today just in case.  There should still be stocks around over the coming months in most of those above. I worry about the BCG most as they are thin on the ground (in quantity) now. 

In the past, deletions have been put forward and cigars re-appeared a few years later. I live in hope. 

The Boli 1 I had scheduled to go up on 24:24 tomorrow and will still do so. 

Naturally I have put in orders for as much as I can get of the other 4 as well + the VR Don Alejandro. 

Those are some seriously good cigars that I have enjoyed bringing to you in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, FOH is not a mirror to the rest of the Cuban cigar market. 

I am going off to smoke a Boli 1 :rolleyes:

* Surely they aren't going to dump the H. Upmann PC?



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Allow me to interpret, seems to be some confusion.   Boli Tubos 1--Gone Boli Corona Gigantes--Gone CCE--5 by 5 Cardboard Packs Gone Siglo 5-- 5 by 5 Cardboard Packs Gone HUPC-Gone HDM D

I take one out of each box to test 

Yeah, something like a micro robusto that costs the price of a churchill, or a ridiculous 60 rg monster half covered with gaudy bands… I rejoice in advance    

Wow :covereyes:

This has seriously ruined my day.

This one is brutal. Just brutal. BCG! Du Prince! And HUPC? What!? It just can't be.

Punch Punch and DC 50s--gone. RG Perlas, And the worst one of all for me--JLP Petit Cetros. My everyday cigar. 

I feel ill...

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4 minutes ago, in0gravity said:

Oh wow, that's a lot of cigars. Is ENVASE the packaging? How do I read this? Are they deleting the Cohiba Siglo V in packs of 5 and the box of 25?




This should help you navigate it. 


Siglo V in the carton packs are going. 

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WTF !?!?! They must be screwing with us... Perlas, HUPCs, reyes, bcg, coronas especial, du prince, punch punch 50 cab... im going to have to give up smoking not cos of the rise in taxes, but because of lack of cigars to smoke :blink::(

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Perlas, Coronas Especial, Reyes only in carton packs are going. 

I just don't understand Upmann Petit Corona. 

Bolivar Corona Gigante and du Prince we probably sell more than any other retail place on the globe. It bloody hurts but I know they are not big sellers elsewhere. 

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I remember this feeling!

It's a horrible bitter sweet thing. Gutted that HSA is ran by ham fisted morons, relief that I was able to stock up a few years ago. The effect being that HSA lost a customer through these actions.

People were worrying about the lifting of the embargo killing off CCs, HSA are achieving this and removing customers far better than any outside issues!

Just knowing what these cigars are being replaced with... They'd be better off using the land to grow potatoes..they would smoke better too!

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Nothing about discontinuing the Hoyo Epi 2 in 50s...?   :jester:

Depressing, thanks for keeping us informed, Rob!

So, can we also take from this, that those vitolas that have been said to be just on-halt for the time being, but never really been officially discontinued (as to my knowledge), such as the Hoyo des Dieux (....du Gourmet, LGC MdO2, QdO Imperiales, SCdLH El Morro etc....) will not return and have in fact long been discontinued, as they are not appearing on that list? Or still untouched?

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To summarize, do I get that right? We see a complete discontinuation of the following vitolas:

Boli Tubos 1
Boli CG (unbelievable, one of my faves, another Julieta gone :()
H. Upmann PC
Hoyo Du Prince
JLP Cremas
JLP Petit Cetros
Punch Royal Coronations
RyJ CdL No. 1
VR Don Alejandro


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Why does this not surprise me we have all seen it happen year after year.In recent history we've seen the near decimation do the "Punch" marque 

like Rob said some might reappear down the line that being said still waiting for some to return :angry:

wont be long before we get the "Habanos " #1-2 or 3 and that's it ;)

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