FOH International Texas Holdem Poker : Christmas Competition Registration Thread

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Thursday 17th of December (12 PM Brisbane Time/9 pm Thursday NY time) commences our Christmas  2016 FOH International Texas Holdem Competition spotlight.gif 

Rounds will Run Brisbane days: Thursday/Friday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday with the Final Wednesday the 21st of December. 

The competition will be played at the same time each day (knockout rounds at 12pm local time/ 9 pm NY time) except the Sunday local time that will be 8pm local time. This will assist Euro and Aussie players if they need a friendly time. If the make the is up to you to make it!

I will work out a tournament schedule once you have registered on this Thread your intent to play. 

Please nominate your preferred play day on this Thread. The rounds will run 


Times are fixed at 12pm Brisbane Time 9pm NY time except Sunday Local which is reserved for Aussie and Euro members (see below)

· Thursday 15th of December 12pm  Wednesday 14th NY  

· Friday 16th Brisbane  Thursday 15th NY

· Sunday 18th 8pm  Brisbane  Europe Sunday AM ....sometime 
Reserved for Aussie/Euro members

· Monday 19th Brisbane Sunday NY 

· Tuesday 20th Brisbane Monday NY


FINAL WEDNESDAY 21st....yes...12pm Local, 9PM NY. 

From the registrations (on this thread) I will work out the round robin knock our comp. Final date for registrations of the comp is Wednesday  the 7th of December (Brisbane date). I will post the scheduled knock out rounds on Thursday. 

This thread simply for you to register.  You will only play one knockout round.

Top two from each table will move to the final as scheduled.

A couple of rules. 

1. Each registered player is to look at the tournament schedule and advise if they can make it.

2. The times are unchangeable.

3. Each day of the tournament you are nominated for, there will be a PM to you as a reminder. Proceed to the Poker room 10 minutes before game time. I will confirm you are there through the Poker room SHOUTBOX. DO NOT SIT AT THE TABLE UNTIL I CALL YOU TO DO SO.

4. Late arrivals will be ruled out. There are no second chances. Sorry Gentlemen, we are working with unsympathetic software.

5. This is a winner take all competition. Where there are 5 or less players on a knockout table, the winner only will progress to the final. Where there are 6 or more players in the knock out table the top two from that round will make the final. You are to advise on the forum who the player/players progressing to the final are.

6. I suggest you play a few hands before the competition starts. Just organise it on the forum. The software will start once 3 or more are sitting at the table. 

7. It is up to you to make allowances for time differentials. We are working on NY time and Brisbane time. Go to World clock etc to ensure you know when the game will start and try to be on the forum 10 minutes prior.

8. No….you don’t have to put any money down party.gif 

8. I will advise all participants of who is in the final

Please Register and I will see you at the tables!

Prize? $150 USD $250 AUD cigar voucher. 

Good Luck to all competitors! It is always Fun! 

Register on this thread and please nominate your preferred day and if you are flexible. First in first slots.



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El Pres, I am flexible to register for Sunday 18th, Monday 19th or Tuesday 20th as I'm on annual leave after Friday 16th. Feel free to put me on either one of this dates to fill the numbers. Thanks for organising this fun tournament!

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Thursday 15th NY time.  Thanks !!

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I'll go with Monday 19th Brisbane/Sunday NY if there's a table. Otherwise may adjust

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