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  1. RA Grandes Spain RE 2008 (TEB October 08), refined but what an array of flavors:
  2. PLPC (TOS February 16) and some Diplomaticos to sample:
  3. Worst cigar in a long time, taste and tunneling were awful. Camacho BG Myer Standard Issue: Had to go with something reliable, Monte #2 (USE November 11):
  4. Good not great. Felt aged - fairly mild, good construction, just a roasted nut flavor throughout.
  5. Boil PC (ULA May 15), top marks for this entire box:
  6. HdM du Prince (SOM February 16) by the fire last night:
  7. HU Half Corona (BRE February 18), I better watch that leash a lil closer lol:

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