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  1. Pyramids created by removing material, not stacking it! Ok, quite improbable, nevertheless, heard it before? 😁
  2. Go with it. Not everybody can focus like this and it is a strength. Give it time everything will be fine. Nice job so far, outstanding acceleration into hobby. That said I don't understand what is being asked for specifically and I don't see a glaring issue either. Yes it is agitating and there isn't a clear cut solution for storage. Bear in mind cigars themselves are variables and can't be controlled and we can't really tell until it's too late - after they are lit and smoked. There is no perfect temp and humidity, only best we can do for an average of varied experiences.
  3. 25 years ago. Nothing left, other than memories! Nice work on your Siglo VI, something is left!
  4. Impressive, this would not fit in my humidor. Tough question. Hoyo De Monterrey Le Hoyo du Dauphin, graciously received as a gift.
  5. Love them dearly. Could smoke them all day. Had three in one session about a year ago, slowly while on a long distance call. What year did you get? "It's a proper cigar." That flatly was my literal expression while other cigars often get quite descriptive - example rose colored ice double whip caramel cherry incense, you know, finely detailed descriptions. My especiales no 2 experiences haven't teased and beat around the bush, they get straight to satisfaction. Have not compared to 1935, and expect 1935 line to be stellar.
  6. Reminds me of Bacardi's Havana Club vs genuine article - Bacardi v. US Patent Trade office if I remember Had no idea Cohiba was wrapped up in suit as well. Incredibly long history of actions without resolution, imagine Bacardi will benefit similarly. Remember seeing both brans name fakes for sale, fools gold. Enthusiasm of hey look what I found! Gee I'm a lucky guy. Then disappointment as realization set in. Haven't had havana club yet, though can say grateful and lucky to experience genuine Cohiba on multiple occasions, worth it.
  7. Found out today I have to either get third jab, or test every week, ruling from above outside organization, trickle down.
  8. Nicely done! That's a classy dry box. Glad to see Upmann love.
  9. Be interesting how this unfolds and each side presents arguments. Lots of unofficial talking points and approaches, personal, legal, jurisdictional. In my opinion, Bacardi’s moral objection is amusing, given they appeared to be using Cuban trademark to market non cuban product. Then again label did fairly clearly indicate whatever non Cuban country it was from. With diplomatic relations favoring embargo, can one trademark be enforced in both countries? Case in point we have non cuban Cohibas and montecristos - granted I don’t know potentially significant details surrounding these cigar trademarks. I’m guessing Bacardi gets to continue using Havana Club trademark, files motion to dismiss, and case doesn’t go to trial. Can government even award damages against itself?
  10. So much for a new pair of loafers. Haven’t worn anything like that since I was 3 years old and tried on mom’s shoes for a few seconds before recoiling in amazement she could stay upright without stumbling for hours.
  11. “oh no, not again? Really? Ok what regulations must be followed now? Are we congruent? Ok, fantastic!”

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