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  1. I’ve been looking for R&J Petit Churchills for a long time, I don’t have many left and grown to really love these.
  2. It’s been a great run for 20 years as a Pats fan with Tom. So many great memories… hard to pick one, but I’ll go with the 28-3 comeback against Atlanta. How many times do people count him out and he comes back. So many praying for his failure, so many times he comes out on the right side. The best of all time by far.
  3. Earlier this week I had a 2007 Por Larranaga RE Robusto, it was a top cigar for me this year… can’t wait for another tomorrow.
  4. Dang…. This is why I hate competitive golf. Golf for me is fun and an excuse to smoke great cigars and be outside. I’m around a ten handicap, some weekends I shoot 77, some weekends 85… who knows what’s coming. I don’t practice enough nor do I really care enough, I just enjoy my time outside and thankful that I have a wife who encourages me to take time for myself. One of my friends invited me to his club, this club had a PGA event end a day prior and the viewing stands were still up around the course. We get to the tee box and one member was hell bent on a money match. I declined nicely.. they all pressed, I finally said that I would do whatever. We settled on a $20 Nassau… so not that much… until we started pressing. We didn’t play the tiger tees but the course was still tough. Lightning fast greens, thick tall rough… really amazing shape. I played so well… fairways and greens, par after par. I dealt with the comments the whole match, “you brought a ringer… sandbagger… a 10, give me a break.” needless to say… after the presses they owed money. On 18, I took my hat off and said “Gents, I don’t want your money, I didn’t even want to bet, but I’m happy to buy you a beer.” They left without paying and my buddy started to lay into them until I stopped him. I had great cigars, on a beautiful day, on a great golf course, played incredibly well and I couldn’t care less about them. Find better people to play with mate… sometimes that means a better course too Life is short and as my Dad would tell me, the game of golf always brings out the man you are.
  5. Great review Gents, I had a box with same code, rosado wrappers.... long gone they were exceptional.
  6. Great review.... sadly mine are all gone and I appreciate the trip down memory lane.
  7. I’m so sorry for your loss Rob, Lisa and Diana. My deepest condolences
  8. I do man, I actually had one this morning on the golf course. They are still awesome. How about you?

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