Obsession , hobby or addiction?

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I definitely have an addictive personality.  So I’d say it’s number one an addiction.  The demon temptress that is nicotine has a very unfortunate say in my life.  BUT, there’s a lot cheaper ways to just slay the beast, and I love using cigars as my weapon of choice.  So it’s definitely a mix of addiction and hobby.  Obsession seems a silly description for me, there’s far more important things in my life.

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Nice necro, but maybe the ppl that are still active can reflect on this after several years!

For me it's a hobby to wind down.

I smoked cigarettes which is regarded as a addiction, but I never needed them. Strangely I sometimes need more cigars in comparison to cigarettes than I would like due to the winding down effect of it, cigarettes were just there to get out of the office 3 times a day.

An obsession not yet, but I do read a few forums, media and watch YouTube.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk

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38 minutes ago, griller said:

CCs were still a passion, but were on the backburner.

I had oral surgery recently, so my CCs are on the backburner for me for a while.

The first few days were tough, but it has been a few weeks now and I am hanging in there.    Part of what I miss is the ritual--the times when I would smoke a cigar (like a petite corona with coffee early in the morning and a larger strong smoke after dinner).

...and my CCs are getting a bit of well deserved rest...  😀

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21 minutes ago, PigFish said:

Rather surprised I did not post to this thread originally.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Cigar smoking is a custom! You heard it here first!!!

-the Pig

I like that . . . Customary!

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So I think about cigars all day at work, I am on Cuban cigar website for hours, I read Cuban cigar books when I get home and pretty much have memorized the history of the Cuban cigar history....so ya it’s an obsession.

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