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  1. In regards of CC's I think a robusto is allready overpriced. A average robusto costs around 14 euros in NL and no discounts (boxes for example) are allowed. Trinidad or Cohiba are around 25+ euros and are flying out of the shops. If I compare the basics on a cigar, so how it looks and is made CC's can't compete with a 5 to 7 euro Nicaragua robusto. Flavor wise a good CC robusto wins by a long shot, but that doesn't make the NC robustos bad. At the moment I would be perfectly happy with smoking CC PC's as my shorter smoke and for larger smokes pick a NC. So I regard a CC robusto as a expensive bottle of wine: sometimes there is a time to pull the cork on a expensive bottle and sometimes it's time to poor wine out of a cardboard box. honestly don't want to compare price, if I would do that I would stick to pipe smoking. 1 quality meerschaum pipe and a few tins of tobacco and your set. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  2. RASCC MSU MAY 19 Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  3. HUHC BRE OCT 19 call me crazy and maybe it's because of diner (Chinese pork, salty) but man is this sourdough bready. Never had this with a HUHC, last time I got spearmint. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  4. I lol'ed, but I think it's funnier if you can understand what is actually said. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  5. Thanks bro, nice dodge of the shots fired [emoji8]. And yes that's quite the full color prism of cigars, while he pulled the cigars from he refilled it from another box which had even more variances! Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  6. For cubans a GEL FEB 20 D4. I don't know how to describe it and maybe it's totally wrong for the overall perception on partagas being powerfull, but is was so smooth, no bite at all, transitions were very subtle but notable which makes it great to me. For NC I think every My Father or Don Pepin cigar I had is the benchmark for a good Nicaraguan cigar. This includes Tatuaje which are also produced at their factory and with their tobacco. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  7. I started cigars during covid and it made it definetly easier, although not a great lot has changed for me. Maybe even for the better, I got closer to my kids them being at home first for almost 2.5 months and after that for 7 weeks. Work has been busier than ever being "essential", but I feel sorry for the ones who have been hit harder than ever they could have experienced. Only thing is we like to travel and that has been a lot less. I doubt we would ever turn back to that kind of traveling. But I don't think I would have started cigars without covid. Sounds strange, but I used it like you to wind down and now it belongs to the pattern I need in life. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  8. UEB MAR 19 Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  9. Need no explaining. First time I go to this B&M and actually has some stock, although it isn't impressive seeing the color differences of the BCJ's (@Lrabold89 coming in 3.... 2.... 1.... [emoji13]). He just isn't as picky as the other shops which I've been buying with. Boli's out of stock for a looooooong time. He had some more aged stock which ppl tend not to buy.... Although I'm not sure how serious I would take that age when I don't know the circumstances the age was build on. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  10. +1 on the RASS/BRC/D4 idea. My first RASCC I knew I have picked a cc but if this would be a blind tasting without the band only the lumpy wrapper would say it's a cuban. Taste wise it was more of a NC to me. Taste is all different for everyone, but if he claims he's a medium NC smoker and picks Arturo Fuente as a brand this guy must have some pretty strong taste buds, especially with Opus X cigars. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  11. This. I store at 58 to 60 as I don't have a "aging" stash just yet. I've cigars at that rh for 6 months now. OK they might not reach another level but the cigars in that tupperdore won't even reach the goldilocks stage anyway. They are smoking the right way for me in that rh. Next purchases will be transfered to a 65-69 range untill I go through the smoking humidor the coming year. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  12. Wife's at work, kids at school, sun is out, there a few young birds (tits) flying around so time to enjoy! Not really a morning cigar but I sometimes like something bolder in the morning. Round 2 TRU OCT 19
  13. That's what I was thinking. Value of a cigar to me is more then just tobacco. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  14. BRE OCT 19 First time I had a minty sensation on this... Might be the pairing with a fizzy ice tea, but was quite remarkable. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  15. MSU MAY 19 Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk

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