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Some of my favorite sizes are the Churchill, Dalia, and Corona Gorda. There are others, of course, but generally, I find these three usually cover the bases. In another discussion recently, speaking about the corona, Ray stated "They are likely the perfect cigar".

I don't smoke many, but I think I agree - the corona might just be the perfect all around size. I find them aesthetcally pleasing, that they feel great in the hand - tending to draw well and burn true. All while delivering flavor-wise for a given blend.

A few Yolanda custom coronas over these past couple months have reminded me of this (thanks Jackie).

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Up until recently, I almost exclusively smoked robusto and other 49 to 50 ring gauge NC cigars. Now that I've started smoking more CC's, I've discovered that I really enjoy pc's and corona's more. Wish there were more NC cigars available in the corona and pc sizes in the on-line stores. You can hardly find anything less than 49-50 rg's. NC's are my every day smoke due mainly to being more affordable. I've found one or two NC's that I really enjoy, but none compare to CC's when price and availability are not an issue.

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Sadly they're discontinued: Partagas corona, Punch corona, SP corona, and SLR corona (although I prefer the Serie A, but the corona had a kick that you don't find in other SLRs)

Smoking time better than robusto, draw a little tighter, well balanced in the hand, less burning problems, typically stout of heart.

... reasonably priced! Exceptional cigars for everyday people. This defines what used to be the Cuban cigar.

Man could live on Coronas alone! At least this one could... -the Pig

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Any opinions on these?

Salty to the taste and strong

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The corona is close to being the perfect size, a good hour+ smoke and a nice ring gauge.I Wish that habanos didn't discontinue so many of these, but i guess when petit coronas are only 1/2" smaller what's the point of making the slightly bigger version.

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