Cultural promenade in Calvisson

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Cigar Art in Calvisson.

For the 5th edition this year, my village of Calvisson

has again presented it's artists in and around the town.The event is called " Les Hauts de Calvisson".

Each year, the artists present their works and open their houses to the village. From 7pm to8.30pm , the homes are open to the public and allows the town folks to see the lastest works , but above all it allows you to get aquainted with the artists,spend some time in their workplace and with all,, share a bite to eat and drink while enjoying the expos.

This year my good friend and artist, Hervé Baudry from Paris , again showed up with his exotic bright colors and as always, the main focus is his passion for cigars.

Hervé is also a cartoonist for many newspapers and Mags. in Paris, has visited Cuba on many occasions and loves his cigars. Each year we get together for the event and go out on the town after to enjoy some great places where we taste food, drinks and cigars.

Here are a few photos of this year's event and some of Hervé's paintings with Hervé and I.

Hope you enjoy.










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Great post and pics guy. :huh:

I agree with Prez, village life is so different to the modern cities of the world.

Everyone is a whole lot "Closer" to each other, there is always something going on in Villages.

I have family in Hungary who also live in a village and I think its fantastic. I wish the modern world took a page from Village life and adopted the same principles.

Thankyou for sharing guy, you have an amazing township. :lol:

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