Greetings from Salt Lake


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Gals & Gents,

I would like to introduce myself. I am Brandon I am currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am here because of a friend, said it was an amazing forum, with a wealth of information.

I really enjoy fly fishing and of course enjoying cigars. It is a relatively new hobby for me I have only been serious about it since about 2006, I am in that never-ending quest for the perfect cigar. The hedonistic treadmill of life!

I really enjoy:

Anything Tatuaje & PG

Most Fuentes

LE Davi & AVO


Most of all I enjoy the camaraderie that goes with this wonderful hobby. Looking to make some friends here and 'expand' my horizons.

Kindest regards,


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Welcome to FOH! I can see you abandoning non-Cubans after your home state enacted that crazy tax on cigars.

Yeah, makes things really hard for the average guy... I enjoy a premium smoke... But its going to be $20.00 for a Opus X xXx, I think I have drawn the line...

Thanks all for the welcome so far!



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welcome and enjoy.

tell us more about your fishing.

Well, I use to fish a whole lot more before the first marriage. Now days..... Well I need to improve on my days logged this year.... My home waters are the Weber and Provo rivers. The boys and I hit the Green River near Flaming Gorge, B section once a year on a week long excursion, makes for some good times. Rainbows and Browns are what we mostly go for, but every now and again a white fish sucker will sneak on the hook and promptly get booted on shore... :party: I hear there are these Chinese Eel fish in the gorge now, I have not seen one, however, that is the word on the street... Crazy.

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Welcome to the Forum enjoy ,we do :cigar:

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