RIP Chuck Vaughan-LLoyd ...Tampa

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This is such sad news. It is shocking. I met Chuck in Fall of 2005. We only lived about three miles apart. We met nearly weekly until he lost his job and had to move in with his Dad in North Carolina. I helped him move his stuff in a borrowed trailer. He was planning to come here to the Tampa area for a visit in June, to see his nephew graduate high school.

Chuck was a great friend and a true brother. He loved cigars more than any man I have ever met. Chuck was a proud member of the HCF and had the honor of being a "numbered *******", an honor that he was very proud of. He also loved the FOH and being a part of an international brotherhood. I never knew anyone who was so dedicated to the mentorship of people interested in Cuban cigars. One point that Chuck mentioned to me repeatedly, that shows this dedication to the love of Cuban cigars, was that he had made arrangements to assure that his cigars were taken care of in his will. His cigars were his most prized possessions.

Besides his father still being living, he has a living sister and daughter who live in the Tampa area.

I am numb. I hope that I can arrange to come to his funeral services which will most likely be in North Carolina. I also want to do something locally in his honor.

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It is with immense sadness that I pass on the news that great friend to the forum, great friend to Lisa, Smithy and I, Chuck Vaughan- LLoyd (Tampa 1257) passed away suddenly today at 1pm. We are di

I hate to hear this news. Chuck was always one of those guys that shared his knowledge freely. He never minced words about who/what he supported. He's a great guy and will be truly missed.

I've known Chuck for about 8 years on the boards and off. He went through difficult times, but never let them dim his great spirit. He is in a better place now, and I am sure he will rest in peace. May his family, loved ones and HCF and FoH brothers find solace from their grief.

You'll be missed, brother. Sorely missed.

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Very sad. I just spoke with Chuck a few days ago!

May he rest in peace.

I do recall spending a couple of days with him in NYC some years back, and we had a blast.

He did tell me in our last conversation how much he loved FOH, and that he felt that he was among real family and friends here.

Hopefully he has no more worries.....and is at peace.

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RIP deepest condolences to his family. While I never met Chuck, I felt like I knew him through his posts and love of thin ring gauged cigars. He will certainly be missed here at FOH, and I am saddened to know that I will no longer be reading new posts from Tampa.

Tampa...wherever you are right now, I hope you have a nice thin ring gauge Havana in hand right now...I plan on smoking a Partagas SdC No. 2 in your memory tonight...

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