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  1. Cigar 2: Aroma of honey pre-light. Started with a big hit of cedar, slightly bitter. Had to relight, then flavors improved somewhat. Picked up mostly a hay like flavor, slight citrus note. Acrid taste returned, wrapper didn't seem to want to burn. Again had to relight, after which aroma of hay again dominated.
  2. Blind Review 1: Beautifully constructed cigar, silky wrapper, firm draw. 1/3: Plenty of sweet cream. 2/3: More cream, toasted nuts, touch of honey. 3/3: Cream vanished, earthy, coffee flavors emerged. Very enjoyable cigar. Interesting to note the similarities/discrepancies between the reviews posted so far.
  3. Wow, the current record is just under 13 minutes. With a dedicated training regimen it sounds like several of your coworkers could be in contention or easily make the Canadian Olympic squad.
  4. Happy Birthday, hope to see you in Singapore this May.
  5. Thank you very much Prez. I have been lucky so far, each new week is the one I'm convinced will see me fail to get more than 3 correct picks.
  6. Great meeting you all and a big thanks to Kevin for putting it together. Seeing the lovely Lise was a treat. I mistakenly left with someone else's umbrella. If anyone knows who it belongs to, please shoot me a pm.
  7. The attempt to justify the actions of these pirates as the result of overfishing is ludicrous. These criminals are demanding ransoms of millions of dollars. If these "fishermen" were making millions of dollars fishing in these waters before these areas were depleted, then I am in the wrong goddamn industry.
  8. Rob's the Pres but Lisa seems to wear the pants over there. Name it in her honor, call it "La Jefa"
  9. Beautiful! I can't think of a better location to enjoy such an orgy.
  10. 1. Long Skinny 2. Beer 3. Dogs, as long as they aren't jumping all over me. 4. Cars, bikes, doesn't matter much to me as long as they get me from point A to point B. 5. Almond grower/handler 6. Married 7. Golf 8. Read print and online daily 9. The Big Lebowski 10. Anything cooked and enjoyed outdoors.
  11. I'll be there whatever night you all decide on. Really looking forward to it.
  12. As a teen the novel Siddhartha spoke to me, I felt like the book had been written just for me. During my time in college and the Peace Corps I read and reread Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance several times. My all time favorite novel is All the King's Men. Robert Penn Warren's prose is just beautiful.
  13. Congrats, hope you have much success in your new career and all of your endeavors for 2011.
  14. I stumbled onto FOH while doing a google search to find photo's of Cuban cigars after doubting whether the first box of cigars I had ever purchased were legit. I signed up for what I thought was a throw away account, and used the generic name that's usually on credit cards in advertisements. Much later I stumbled back across the forum and began obsessively reading the posts on FOH and have learned so much, and now check the forum many many times per day. My avatar is a photo of my daughter dressed as a monkey for Halloween.

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