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  1. It would be either RA Extra El or the Cohiba 1966...hands down!!! In a toss up it would go to the 1966!
  2. Have seen lots of those marriage rivalaries! Around here its Kansas/MO or K State/Kansas. Think ive seen split license plates to boot!! Im a Razorback so I'm locked in on Fridays game with LSU.
  3. God you are right Rob. Goes by so fast. I have one graduating this year and so do many of my friends. We were just talking last week about him dancing in the seats at KC Royals game and getting on the big screen! He was 5 at the time. I remember it like yesterday! Congrats to Ben. I am sure he will be a success!
  4. I actually prefer the Upmann Regalias PC. After a few months in the humi they have a similar profile with Winstons. My experience has been that the Upmann Petit Coronas need more time but I have not had recent production.
  5. Lately Been firing up a Double Corona at 5:30 after work. Watch King of Queens followed by baseball. Jerry Stiller kills me and I need some humor with this economy.
  6. I have kept full boxes of both Genios and Secretos from initial release. In between I have had 10cts of each and they were very good to excellent. Three weeks ago I busted out a 07 Secretos and it was awful. Unfortunately the wrappers on both original boxes are thick and rough! The 10cts were not! I may break out an 07 Genios tonite for baseball playoffs and see what I have. I wonder if more age would help or maybe just a lost cause at this point??
  7. I have smoked a couple from ERO AGO 09. These are exceptional RE's. I just pulled one out. Very dark and oily wrappers. BUY!
  8. Its happened to me twice! Ex wife and current girlfriend! lol
  9. I do for same reasons but my Punch Punch, D4, and P2 Tubos are damn good! Easy to interchange etc for trips and the like.
  10. Just had LOT OCT 10 Winnie yesterday. Just superb. Maybe best smoke I have in humi. They are easy to smoke now and very complex. Better than my 08 and 09's.
  11. Ive gone thru two boxes of Punch Punch Tubo's and they are better than my 06 Cab! Im out so need to grab another 10ct.
  12. Recently purchased Tubos for canoe trip. D4, P2 and Sig V were all excellent and D4 was best ive had from any box period. Dark and dripping! Punch Punch in Tubo are better than my Cab from 06! Sig II's have found to be very good as well!
  13. Havent had a GREAT Lusi since my mid 90's were gone. I took a chance on an 09 Cab and the first two were like a 2 hour cigarette! Sent three out to FOH members and got same feedback. I am hoping the 45 left will develop into something smokable in 3-5 years as no need to touch em now!
  14. SLR Asia Pacifico..gifted not sure of codes...LOT OCT 2010 Sir Winston...may have been the richest Winston Ive had. IMO much better than 03's..I think there was a recent thread on the 2010's
  15. Been repeated but Bob at Aristocrat is absolutely the best Ive dealt with ...period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I like em. Good now for my taste and think they will age well...for my taste. Looking forward to PC's
  17. I decided to go through Aristocrat and rearrange my stock. Its a large cabinet Model. Does anyone have a system? Like by marca, by year or Vitola for example? Pretty broad question but Im sure members have some sort of sytem they adhere to. Thanks!
  18. I have smoked from three different boxes and all have been bland. That being said the aroma tells me the blandness wont last forever so I will wait a few months to sample again. Pretty darn sure they will come around....eventually.
  19. Still working on 02 and late 05 cabs....Both are great. May have to sample from POS 06 Cab this weekend!
  20. I havent had a Trini Robusto Extra in a few years. That being said I really enjoy the Trini T a great deal. I have several boxes for smoking and a few boxes to laydown.
  21. My 01's were once my prized Cab that I cherished...Now they are awful. They are shot!!
  22. I picked up a box of Upmann Regalias last month. To me it was a smaller version of Sir Winston but stronger. I was very surprised and the price is right! Just ordered two boxes of them to lay down.

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