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Found 14 results

  1. Punch Mantua Review Cigar: Punch Mantua Release: RE Italia 2018 Vitola: Laguito No 2. 38 x 152mm Production: 2500 50 count boxes made. Box # unknown Box Code: UNKNOWN Date: Saturday, June 26, 2020 Start Time: 7:54PM End Time: 9:17PM Paired with: plain water. Reviewers Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “/” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a play by play. This style works for me. I hope you enjoy it. Visual: Nice firm roll. Slightly dark milk chocolate wrapper. Toothey to the touch Aroma at cold: Chocolate, cookie, very appealing. Perfect draw upon Punch Mantua First Third Rich toasty tobacco / bbq char / good draw / black pepper / burn askew / good draw but doesn't seem lit, though it is / corrected burn / espresso grounds / nice stringy cedary flavour / burnt almond / spicy on the tongue, like cayenne but smoother / water / chalky, salty draw / lots of smoke / toasted nuts, but not burnt, very nice / dry finish on every draw so far / cedar / nutty / water / tangy tobacco / chalky mouth feel / dry nuts / hints of nutmeg / nice sweetbread hints / nutty finish / medium bodied so far with a few strong draws / toasty tobacco with anise finish / water / ash falls as I lift it, not on me for once / cigar goes out!! / lighter misbehaves / upon relight I’m treated to a nice, sweet flavour, cookies / more sweetness, some cocoa, hint of pine on the finish / more sweetness / draw is good but I seem to need 2 puffs minimum to get anything out of it. Internal combustion issues? / chalky, minty note / fin Second Third Water / black beans / dry finish / minty again, tastes fresh / draw seems firm / milder bodied at this point / light mintiness persists / water / chalky , soapy mouthfeel / very light / tap off ash, going to a touch up with the lighter / 3 lighters with me, none of them barely working / relit / still minty and light bodied / smooth chocolate flavours now / anise, mint, very perplexing / smoke production up a bit / so far it’s behaving like a vintage smoke, very smooth. The opening seemed to hint that a medium-full cigar experience awaited me. So far it’s been transitioning back and forth in the medium realm, with some interesting flavour twists / trouble staying lit, it's not windy or humid, odd. / with lighter in hand i execute about 5-6 deep draws, the cherry glows red. Perhaps it's finally lit! / nice rewarding flavour at the end of this exercise, rich tobacco and anise / cedary-cinnamon hit / salty, bready like a cracker / touching up the burn / nice hit of leather and cocoa on the finish / cocoa, anise with a dry finish / really nice rich, earthy flavours as I crank up UFO’s “Lights Out” on my headphones / water / rich cedary notes with an anise finish / ash went from pitch black to white / rich white smoke now, performing a lot better / intense hint of anise, almost like dry Sambuca / tongue retains some of that anise as I break between draws / water / smooth, creamy coffee that ends in a mint finish? So weird, but I like it / i swear I can taste a bit of lemon zest as I sit here typing this on the finish too / bit of baking spice / having a hard time trying to pull out “Punch” trademark flavours (at least to me) such as peanut, coffee, dark chocolate / as i type, I’m still tasting some mint and anise on my palate / knock the ash off, inspect foot, doesn’t seem lit. a quick puff tells me it's not. End of this third. Time for a relight. Final Third My Iroda lighter comes back to life after a few smacks. I do a retro burn and a stream of gases light the way / its lit again and the first puff is a nice smooth cedar note / slight saltiness giving way to anise / water / very smooth pleasant mint flavour again / very dry on the finish. At the beginning, I sensed there’d be some oiliness but it hasn’t materialized. It stayed dry / nice black bean hit / the burn line approaches the RE band, time for some surgery / RE band off / mint that leads into strong cedar, like I bit into a cedar lining in a cabinet / out again! / tap off ash and relight / concave burn / toasty tobacco, mint finish / cedar notes / black bean, anise finish / at this point, I’m not convinced I’m smoking a Punch, buts its been good / UFO album done, switching over to some Scorpions Lovedrive / more cedar / water / chalky mouthfeel, cedar / very dry and cedary, good smoke production / OUT AGAIN! / I slide the Punch band up and relight / smooth cedar, at least its not charry as I find that's an issue towards the last third of many cigars when you relight this often / tasty, rich “meaty” draw, some roasted nuts / more roasted nuts, cigar is going medium-full now / some saltiness on the palate, like a Sancho Panza / hickory-BBQ, salty finish, so odd, but good / bbq lingers on tongue, the rest of my palate still senses mint / going to end up nubbing this / cocoa / more anise, slightly muted / dry, chalky toasty tobacco / quick burn correction / hot, very strong earthy draw / minty finish / slide off Punch band and grab nub tool / of course it goes out! / stale draw / good cedar hit / might have to finish this / last puff is decent, some cedar / FIN Conclusions & Thoughts The Punch Mantua was released to a lot of fanfare. When people heard about it they contacted their Italian cigar contacts/buddies/B&M’s etc to try and get a hold of them. I guess people were hoping for lightning to strike twice and thought this could be the La Escepcion Selectos Finos spiritual successor? Or they loved that they were coming in 50 Cabs? Or they just like Punch long and skinnies? Not sure. But there is/was hype for them. Even for me. I reached out and grabbed some myself. They are not in my hands yet, but this single found its’ way to me via a good friend. I’ve heard good things from others who smoked them so after dry boxing this for about 10 days I felt it was time to smoke it. Right off the bat. This is not the LESF by any stretch. Other than sporting a similar vitola, it did not deliver the initial, flavourful, complex “punch” to the balls. But it is a Punch. When I sit down for a review, I try to bypass the hype and do my best to be objective. Whether or not it’s a cheapie or a high end, costly RE or LE. I want to be able to honestly approach it for what it delivers,not for what market niche it sits in. On to the smoking conclusions. This cigar did not perform as I’d hope in terms of staying lit. I haven’t had to relight and touch up a cigar in months. This one needed several. With that said, it did deliver a unique smoking experience; which I like. Overall it went from full bodied, to medium to mild and back again. I did not taste any typical (for me) Punch tasting notes. I was hoping to, but it did not materialize. At least not in this one particular sample. When I get my cabs, I’ll revisit them and see if there is any discernible difference. The cigar did take me on a flavour journey. That is for sure. I don't like monotone cigars, especially in the RE/LE lines. There’s no bang for the buck when that happens. This cigar was definitely holding my attention. It was complex and took me in directions I did not expect. That “minty’ tasting note I kept experiencing is something I typically get out of vintage cigars. In particular, my Dip 7’s from 1988. It was so smooth. Even after multiple relights, which can tend to add a charry note to a stick. Final thought. It was an excellent stick. Not a Punch, but a noteworthy stick. My only concern is how these will age given that they were not very full bodied. The LESF was and it still has the legs almost 10 years later. With that said, this was only one cigar. I look forward to my next ones. Score: 92.
  2. Looking to get a pooled consensus of the regional editions worth going after. Added every searchable tag on the title for ease of searching. I think I'll start a list with a simple 0-10 point scoring system with all the regionals I have tried and took notes of. Hopefully others can chime in, and then we can average out the scores to see what are the hottest and best ER's recently! (will also include how many entries a particular ER has been scored/voted for at the beginning of each) I know there will be the 'age' factor on the ratings but lets keep it simple for now (1) Saint Luis Rey Incas: ER Peru 2014 ---> 7.0 (1) Ramon Allones Silver Jubilee: ER Asia Pacific 2017 ---> 7.5 (1) Quai d'Orsay Secreto Cubano: ER France 2016 ---> 8.0 (3) Rafael Gonzalez 88: ER Asia Pacific 2016 ---> 5.5 (1) Por Larranaga Encantos: ER Asia Pacific 2010 ---> 8.5 (2) Punch Sir David: ER Hong Kong 2018 ---> 9.25 (1) Ramon Allones Nuevo Mundo: ER Costa Rica 2017 ---> 7.0 (1) Bolivar Tiempo: ER France 2017 ---> 8.0 (1) Vegas Robaina Short Robaina: ER Andorra 2014 ---> 6.5 (1) Ramon Allones Sur: RE Libano 2014 ---> 8.5 (1) Bolivar Silver Jubilee: RE Asia Pacific 2017 ---> 6.0 (1) La Gloria Cubana Paraiso: RE Caribe 2014 ---> 8.5 (1) Por Larranaga Sobresalientes: RE Gran Bretana 2014 ---> 9.9 (1) La Gloria Cubana Invictos: RE Italia 2017 ---> 6.0 (1) Bolivar Bosphorus: RE Turquia 2014 ---> 9.5 (1) Diplomaticos Excelencia: RE Cuba 2015 ---> 9.5 (1) Sancho Panza Quijote: RE España 2010 ---> 9.8 (1) Ramón Allones Grandes: RE España 2008 ---> 9.8
  3. Very quick review. Got some of these this morning in Seville. They are fresh and young, a little harshness on the nose. But it reminds me of a good Cuban custom roll. A sweet fruitiness and now a little coffee coming in, like Monsdales at their best. Lovely wrapper too. Silky smooth, like one of the better farm rolls. Very nice cigar and I think has potential. Well priced at 75 euro a box of 10.
  4. Cigar: Rafael Gonzalez 88 regional Asia-Pacifico Cutter: Palio Lighter: DuPont Defi Drink: Caol Ila 16 year refill hogshead ex Bourbon Single barrel and Glenmorangie 11 year first fill ex bourbon Single barrel Location: outdoors, mildly windy. Pre-Cut light: good Britanicas shape, slightly box pressed, one soft spot near the regional band Aroma at cold: Graham cracker and maple syrup. Pre-light draw: very good, slight sweetness, nuttiness. First third: takes to lighting well, toasted tobacco, nuts, dry cocoa powder, salt. Some wood and more dry cocoa salted nuts which lasts very long pallet, quite enjoyable. Pepper through the retro inhale. The burn is doing fairly well, there is a slight run to one side of the cigar which I find is fairly typical with this vitola. This seemed to happen both in the Bolivar Britannica’s UK as well as the Ramon Allones AP. Cocoa continues to be very long pallet, and with a smaller retro inhale some floral notes begin to develop. As for the drink pairings the Caol Ila peat plays very well with the salt in the cigar albeit slightly overpowering, the Glenmorangie does much better with puffs that reveal cocoa and the floral retro inhale. About an inch in the cigar becomes a little muted and jumbled as well as a little harsh making it difficult to discern different flavors. Toasted tobacco is still present but little else. Second third: ash drops right as the second third begins, still a lot of muted tobacco and toasted flavors. General nuttiness and not much else. I try to slow my smoking rate down some in some vegetal green type notes start to develop. Generally, I am not a big fan of these sorts of flavors in a cigar. I much prefer to eat my salad not smoke it. The burn has actually corrected quite well, no touchups needed. The cigar is burning pretty hot, and is pretty soft now at the foot. I think these are underfilled. I will have to smoke a couple more to get a better sense though. As soon as I write this the wind picks up and the cigar does go on a bit of a run to one side. A touch up is needed. Still very muted tobacco flavors. I am pretty disappointed at this point in cigar. When the ash falls you can see that the center cone burning is off center in the cigar, which I believe is affecting flavor. Last third: not good, no change, nothing to write home about. Laid it down with about 2 inches left. Final thoughts: The very best part of the cigar was the opening inch, and the scotch. There were a lot of good flavors of cocoa, nuts, salty woody– ness, and pepper/floral aspects in the retro inhale. Unfortunately, many of these aspects disappeared in the middle and end part of the cigar, I believe secondary to construction issues. While I do believe that the regional program is great for producing unique cigars, which are generally good to very good, there are undoubtedly more construction issues in these cigars then regular production. Further from my own experience I believe that worst constructed cigars in the Cuban portfolio are double perfectos including Salamonas, Tacos, and these Britanicas. I would like to think that if more of these sizes were introduced to the regular production of different marcas that many of these construction issues would become less frequent because rollers would get more experience in the various sizes. These are beautiful sizes which when constructed appropriately add a lot to the cigar smoking experience. I have smoked a couple other of these Rafael Gonzalez 88 and they did not suffer as much from construction issues but none have had what I call superior construction. In general, I think that the idea of this release is very good and that better constructed specimens do have aging potential. With that said paying a premium for this release and having construction issues like this is not acceptable. Other Rafael Gonzalez 88: 82-83 This Rafael Gonzalez 88: 70
  5. So this one is from a few days ago. You may need a hit of nicotine to keep you awake through it... or perhaps a little 'crank' in yo' coffee! Diplomaticos Exclusivo Países Bajos.... Jesus, I challenge you to say that five times fast! I cannot even pronounce it... Well, you will see in the video! Thanks again Chris @ChanceSchmerr for this rare opportunity for me to smoke a Macanudo, ahhh... I mean this fine exclusive cigar! Love ya' man!!! -the Pig (take your alarm clock)
  6. Dimensions: 5" X 52 Date Smoked: June 25, 2017 I'm revisiting this one since it's been about six months since I checked in on this box, and it's time to see how it's coming along. While some other sticks from this box had minor cosmetic irregularities, this one is gorgeous. Milk chocolate brown wrapper, with just a bit of velvety tooth. It didn't light as readily as I prefer, but once the combustion picked up it produced a nice, full smoke and a sturdy gray ash. I was drinking an iced latte made with Cuban beans, which usually lend a nice fragrant chocolate flavor. But I find that the Belicoso Royale just doesn't work with an iced drink. The cold seems to clash with the warm spiciness of the smoke, making it seem harsh by comparison. There are only a few cigars that I think work well with an iced drink. Guess I'll have to do some more experimentation this summer! Right away, the aroma that I love is there. It smells like baking gingerbread. The usual flavors that I get from these are all baking spice - cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Those flavors were less pronounced in this one, though. In the first third, there's some salt and mineral notes present that I haven't gotten in QdO before. As the midpoint approaches, the flavors evolved into some earthiness that - again - is unusual here. That wonderful aroma persists, though. Toward the end, the the saltiness from the first third re-emerges and becomes very precise. The sweet spice base is almost undetectable at this point; the salt note is unexpected, but pleasant. The performance was great throughout - can't fault it. I've also been thinking about how I score cigars. It seems to me that it isn't very informative to just assign a number to a cigar, with no context or basis for comparison. So I've decided that it might be more useful to report scores in terms of percentile rank. Below is a histogram of all the scores I've given every cigar in my notes. The average is 91.5, with a standard deviation of 2.6. Meaning that for my sample data (the cigars I've smoked), an "average" cigar would score 91.5 and rank in the 50th percentile - better than 50% of cigars I've smoked, and lesser than 50%. Right in the middle. I think this is a 92 point smoke, so: =PERCENTRANK.INC(A1:A90,92) meaning, Score = 52.8 Percentile Better than average, but hopefully still getting better!
  7. Review: Diplomaticos Bushido Asia/Pacific Regional Edition Date Smoked: July 20, 2015 Vitals: Dimensions: 50 * 7.2" Vitola: Nro. 109 / Double Robusto Pre-Light Notes: Firm construction, no hard spots, no sign of knots/stems, spongy throughout. Smooth wrapper, light oils. Aroma at cold: When I first received this the aroma was reminiscent of an aged cigar. I let it rest a few weeks and that aroma has since dissipated. As I'm prepping to light up, I smell cedar, a fruity/nutty aroma some cookie dough and honey. Reviewers Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “//” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a play by play. This style works for me. I hope you enjoy it. First Third Start Time: 4PM EST Tangy smooth draw // herbal vegetal notes // woodiness, tangy finish // slight tannins, good burn // bready notes // wood again // excellent draw, decent amount of smoke // excellent draw, decent amount of smoke // dry on the palate thus far smoke // hints of fruit // light bodied smoke in this first third //a couple of hits of espresso // sweet like caramel for a draw // meaty flavour // ash is black & gray // tastes like popcorn on this draw! // very luscious smoke now // dry, chalky mouthfeel // soft, creamy flavour, similar to latte // latte again // feel a bit of a nicotine buzz take hold, very sneaky like the La Escepcion Selectos Finos // dry, toasty notes // hints of pepper and sharp cedar // ash still holding well // nutmeg & latte // nutmeg again // very smooth cigar but not much progression in terms of flavours // ash barely hanging on // a tangy draw with some pepper on the finish // ash falls right into the Stinky ashtray just as I'm about to set it down // grassy notes // nice, rich draw of coffee // tangy // good to see some changes towards the end of this third Second Third cedar opens things up // dry, tanniny finish // pepperagain // coconut?! (a first for me) // nuttiness // a very sharp hit of cedar, like chewing on a cedar liner // "chalky" mouthfeel persists // sharp cedar on the next three draws // strong espresso notes now // rough, tanniny puff // great burn, no touch ups needed so far // rich cedar with tanniny finish // more sharp cedar // starting to get banal // settling down into baking spice notes, much better! // nuttiness and hint of cedar // rich coffee grounds on the palate // cedar again // woody, though not cedary draw // cedar once again (it seems to rule this second third) // tapped ash // hints of ammonia in the cigar, I do a purge and sure enough the cigar looks like a roman candle as the gases burn off // cigar has calmed down, the purge seemed to help // slighty nutty/stone fruit tasting note // toasty/bready // toasted coconut finish (really nice) Final Third tangy sourdough // more sourdough // tanniny notes // cedar // did another purge as the cigar seemed bitter // strong coffee ground notes // coffee // cedar // nutty with a sharp, tanniny finish // lots of pepper in the back of the throat now, for a few puffs // toasty tobacco // latte // a few minty, herbal draws (that aged tobacco I smelled earlier on perhaps?) // perfect burn line // lots of thick, white smoke // toast // latte // minty draws // cedar // toast // rich, floral and minty draws // caramel sweetness // toasty tobacco // the chalky mouth feel is now an oily one // vegetal notes with tanniny finish // burn starts to go askew // ash off, do a touchup // mint again // latte // dry, cedary puffs // bready // baking spice with a mix of strong tobacco // wood // hints of tea // nicoting buzz creeping in // very meat, BBQ like flavours for a few draws // nub is hot // mint/baking spice finish // toasty tobacco // sweetness on the palate // my final puff is tangy, caramel FIN 5:52PM EST Final Thoughts Lots of interest in this cigar and it definitely was interesting. From the moment I received them (2 in total) the aroma threw me off. They smelled like an aged cigar. They had a bit of mustiness on the foot, in a good way, and less of those freshly rolled, "bright" aromas. The 109 vitola is rare these days so it's good to see a recent release sporting it. We've all seen the packaging on this. Very nice, though I must admit when I saw a few boxes in person at the LCDH they were not as impressive as I thought. And if that's what held up its' release, it wasn't worth it IMO. Too bad they didn't pimp up the band a bit, similar to what was done for the UK LGC regionals where they used deeper embossing and a richer color palate. The Diplomaticos band is pleasant but underwhelming. For such a grand release, a nicer band would have been cool. As to how it smoked. I enjoyed it though at times I thought it was stagnating. These are still relatively young and fresh I suppose. I won't touch my second stick for a good year or two. . Though I'm certain, if I wait too long and find that I enjoy them, the supply would be long dried up or secondary market prices would be ridiculous. A catch-22 scenario. As it stands, I'm glad to have a couple on me but don't think this is one I'd go deep on. At least not based on one initial sampling. And that's the problem with these RE's. If they don't knock your socks off initially, you may not invest in a box or two. And if over time they suit your palate more, they're probably gone. SCORE: 89
  8. Obtained this cigar as a gift from my boss who recently visited the island. He forgot to check the box code he purchased singles from so apologies on that. Size: 4 7/8 X 50 (robusto) First Third Slightly looser draw than average. Creamy coffee. Soft white pepper on the finish and through the nose. Roasted nuts and sourdough bread come through at half inch point. Medium Bodied. Second Third Body scales back to just under medium. Same flavors with the creamy coffee taking on a more cappachino texture. A light cocoa note appears. Flavors coat the mouth and lips with a long lasting finish. Final Third Body increases to just over medium. Sourdough bread moves to the forefront. Touches of salt, earthiness, and black pepper show on the finish with white pepper increasing through the nose. Mouth salivation is quite high. Hardly any young hotness to the nub. Conclusion This cigar didnt have much transitioning between thirds but the flavors I decribed were quite prominent throughout the cigar. They delivered in an overall medium and smooth profile that was quite pleasant and delicate. As far as its similarities with other Diplomaticos Im not the best person to ask but compared to recent Dip2s Ive had it was certainly a lighter profile. I enjoyed this cigar and the time invested though the slightly loose draw kept it under 1 hour. Rating: 89-90
  9. A topic for some light hearted discussion: Since their re-introduction Vegueros has never had an RE release. I find this a touch odd since I would expect Habanos would want to bring some noteriety and fanfare to this newly rebranded marca. What are your thoughts as to why this hasn't occured, when do you think we might see one, in what will be the region this first occur, and what vitola will be used? My bets based on their "American" styled image will be that they will be the first USA regional edition once the embargo is lifted. I'm guessing that it will be a 56+ ring guage cigar over 6 inches in length, so something in the Double Robusto range.
  10. RA Eminencia 2005 Swiss RE Mini Review A good friend handed one of these over to me not too long ago. I thought I'd fire it up sooner than later as I enjoy all things RA (minus the RAE ) Released in 2005, these cigar has more of less hit the 10 year old marker. If I knew the box code I could be somewhere more exacting but that's not too big of a concern. This is my first ever Eminencia so I will not have the benefit of knowing what these smoked like when they were fresh. Date Smoked: August 13. 2015 Vitals: Dimensions: 44 * 5.6" Vitola: Corona Pre-light observations. Aroma at cold. cakey, fruity.. very sweet. Hints of cinnamon on the wrapper. Firm draw. Reviewers Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “//” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a play by play. This style works for me. I hope you enjoy it. This min-review is a bit light in comparison to previous reviews. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. First Third. great initial draw. sweet, christmas cake. // lush, smooth flavour // some tanginess on the finish // christmas cake // never tried one fresh but id say 10 years of age hasn’t been bad for it // nutmeg // hint of cayenne // firm draw, great burn // smooth, semi-sweet earthiness, best i can put it // cakey // smooth cigar, very refined // cake again // very much a dessert cigar thus far // slightly stronger hit of cayenne // good hit of cedar // lush smoke // cedary draw // Second Third cedar // cinammon // cayenne picking up, close to RACF // flavours getting bolder // nice taste of almond on the finish, unique to me // good balance draw of sweet and strong // earthy flavours // cedar notes // some more hints of almond on the tongue // Third Third //earthier draws // rich, tea flavour // bit of nutmeg // minty // earthy // woody, dry draw // touch of saltiness on the finish // hints of black pepper in the back of the throat // dark, rich tobacco flavour, best i can put it // sweetness has pretty much disappeared and has turned more into a savoury cigar // black pepper // toasted nuts // spicy draw with a really nice smooth finish, like a latte // woody & earthy draw // hints of almond on finish once more // very sharp cedar // earthy, BBQ // savoury now // nutty now // getting smooth again // draw got bad all of a sudden // flavour still savoury and earthy // a few more puffs of cedar and earth // FIN Final Thoughts. This was a Jekyll and Hyde stick. The first half was sweet and "desserty". Whereas the second was more savoury and salty. Overall it made for a great smoking experience. I always enjoy a cigar whose flavours are constantly in flux. It echoes the experience of a multi course meal vs having a quick snack. And given the favourable flavour range, this might be a good indication that RE's tend to age better then EL's? This is the oldest RE I've had yet. I've smoked the 2000 Partagas Piramide, which IMO was a faded cigar. The closest comparison in age that I've smoked from the EL releases was the 2004 Cohiba Sublimes. A very good cigar but not as great as the hype built it up to be. At least as I experienced it. Nonetheless. A very interested theory. Which releases are better suited for the long haul? I'm not qualified to make that judgement so I'll throw that notion out to the rest of you. Overall, the Ramon Allones Eminencia is a winner in my books. Probably very HTF and expensive now; which makes getting more somewhat difficult. I was glad to have tried at least one and that it was an engaging smoke. Score: 94
  11. I just got a wonderful shipment in, (5) H. Upmann Mag 48s, and the Asia Pacifico Regional Release sampler(the contents and box codes are below). 1X BSB – TEB JUL 08 1 X SLR PAC – OSB AGO 09 1 X PL BEL – EMA NOV 08 1 X ERDM ANN – LAR FEB 13 1 X PL ENCANTOS – URG FEB 11 1 X RA ESP – TEB OCT 07 1 X PUNCH SAB – MCO OCT 11 1 X JL 4 – PRA JUN 10 Like the title asks, when will these cigars be hitting their peak? I know regional releases are especially known to get better with some age, but I'm not very well versed in these releases so your help would be appreciated! Also, I've heard that the Mag 48's are good to go now, but do you think there is any aging potential left in them? Thank you all in advance!
  12. Just wondering, for those who bought a box or more of the Regional Asia Pacifico Ramon Allones Estupendos, how are your cigars developing? Have you been smoking regularly? Just want to see if mine are par for the course. Wilkey

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