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Found 5 results

  1. If you've been on this forum for a couple of years, then you have heard me rave about this particular Tainos relentlessly. In about 25 years of CC smoking, the Tainos stands out in the top 3 cigars I have ever smoked, and I say that with absolute conviction. Few cigars in my experience dip so deeply into my well of sensations as the Tainos do. As I recall the Tainos were discontinued in 2006 from the ERDM marca, and 2012 from the LGC marca, and now they fetch upwards of $1000 per box if you can find them on the secondary market, which I have only seen once in the last 4 or 5 years of hunting. On 12/29/2017 I bid farewell to this incredible vitola as I torched the last one in my collection to celebrate my birthday before going to the Florida Panthers vs. Montreal Canadiens hockey game. The hockey game was a letdown, but the cigar was stellar and every bit as good as the ones before it. I won't go into excruciating detail in this review because I wrote a review on the Tainos back in 2016 here. Two hours and 15 minutes of smoking bliss. Officially this is a Julieta No. 2, 47 by 7", which is often referred to as a Churchill cigar. It's a large feeling cigar, on the high end of my ring gauge limit, a cigar I like to smoke quietly in solitude as it always moves me into a euphoric trance, transporting me to another realm. Elements of tea, chai and creme, with an intoxicating Cuban twang aroma. This was, as in past experiences with this vitola, a memorable cigar that I will forever remember and cherish. As with the one I smoked on Christmas eve a year ago, I rate this a perfect 10 on my personal scale, the most refined near perfect smoking experience ever. I will miss you Tainos... R.I.P.
  2. Cigar: El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Box date: Unknown, just bought a few singles. Purchase date: 09/12/2014 Smoke date: 06/01/2015 (First time writing 2015!) This is my first ever cigar review, but thought I would give it a crack. As this is a morning cigar I made myself a single shot latte with Peru Ceja de Selva beans (roast date 07/12/2014 and purchased from 1st third: Very smooth and creamy. Slight peppery notes to the end of the first third. Flavours are quite mild. The creaminess of the cigar paired well with the milk based coffee. The ash held for about 1.5-2.0 cm. 2nd third: Slight peppery notes still here and there, but nothing extreme. Creaminess starting to slowly disappear and tobacco taste becoming stronger. Had a wrapper burning issue which I touched up. It appeared to be caused by a leaf vein which didn't seem to want to burn. Draw also became a bit tight around the halfway mark, but nothing too bad. Made myself another coffee halfway through. Same Peruvian coffee, but an espresso this time. Combined with the cigar, the coffee had a delicious, rich marzipan flavour! First time paring an espresso with a cigar and it was truly amazing. I've never experienced such a flavour from a coffee before. Final third: Some more creaminess coming back through, but not nearly as much as the first third. I no longer taste any pepper or spice. Some roasted nut flavours appearing also, but quite subtle. Another wrapper burning issue which needed a touch up. Overall comments: A mild strength cigar with not a whole lot of complexity to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the creaminess of the first third and is the stand out point of the cigar. Most other flavours are very subtle. It was a great smoke for the morning but for the evening you would probably be better off with something a bit stronger with more complexity.
  3. The facts: ERDM Elegantes: Format Panetelas Largas Size 28x175 (6,9") Discountinued 2002 ( First time I seen a ERDM Elegantes I've turned my back immediately, because they looked so fragile. Just to make it visual I compared it with the ERDM Elegantes RE2010 Suiza. another angle Driving home, sitting in the car - I thought DANG I should bought these fragile sticks. So next time I went their to get a box of lost beauties. So I get hands on of a partial box with BD Nov. 99. As I smoked some before I knew the draw was a bit tight. Knowing this I tried out the Rob Ayala Method against tight draw. Cold draw was wild honey, a mouthful of wild honey. Draw still a bit tight but much better than I smoked before. Lighting up. Surprisingly the taste of wild honey was gone. Their is a subtile sweetness, taste of chocolate and sugar cane. Ash is a bit loose. Very mild. What it really make me wonder was how in hell they but the mint flavor into the little bugger. Incredible taste of mint. Even the coolness in the mouth what you get if you drink cup of Nana mint tea. Chocolate taste went from milk chocolate to really dark chocolate. Some cardamom taste plopped up. Strength is going to medium. The mint flavor and dark chocolate are bands together and really lovely Bendicks Bittermint came up with a nice shot of Espresso. Hmmm love it. This little fragile stick turns into a little full-bodied monster stick. This is something I did not expect at all. This little gem is full of flavor and surprises. Now the end is coming, I really enjoyed it very very much and I am very happy that I have the chance for 17 joy rides to come. If you get the chance to get hands on it - go for it. If you don't like them - trade them away. Bye Bye my beauty it was very pleasant to share time with you

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