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  1. For me 2020 codes are much better than prior years. Have two 2020 boxes, two different codes, both fantastic. Worst box I had was a 50 cab TPO 2018 in which many required a perfect draw tool, seriously lacked flavor and only occasionally had that HDM creaminess.
  2. What Rob physically received and inspected in 2020. So there are plenty of 19 in there I'm sure.
  3. Had some DEs from BRE and they weren't quite as rich as I am used to. Got a box from another code that escapes my memory but they were much better. RUM maybe.
  4. Mostly stuff by AJ Fernandez, Aganorsa (Illusione, Warped, Viaje, HVC), and Dunbarton (Steve Saka).
  5. Two days is pretty short for cigars to lose enough humidity even if you removed all humidification in a sealed environment. It's possible the ones you've smoked recently are just the bad luck 'off" cigars that comes with cuban quality control lol. I've yet to have a box of 25 in which 100% are equal in the flavor department. Usually 3-5 on average a box for me are "off".
  6. In my subjective experience it's more often these days the wrapper doesn't burn properly due to underfilling. If there's not enough tobacco in the filler then when it expands from the temperature it cannot expand enough to properly heat the 2 binder leaves let alone the wrapper. You mentioned canoeing so it's possible the filler is not properly bunched.
  7. What's the bet? That BBF is medium unlike it's smaller cousins? All the cigars to vote on are mid for me with occasional mid-full.
  8. Next time anyone smokes a Cuban I suggest you squeeze the cigar near the band at about halfway through and see if there's alot of give. This seems to be the main area where underfilling occurs for me. 1 out of 5 for me I have to use the trusty "smash technique" from @PigFish
  9. All my stock is kept at 62% 68F. One out of a box on average are tight enough to "throw off the balcony". More accurately it's a few in one box and none in another one so it averages out. Quite frankly I run into more underfilled cigars than over. Overall 2019+ has been excellent in delivering very few plugs.
  10. I always hesitate doing comparative reviews of a series of single cigars from one box. Mostly due to the more variable nature of CCs. If one cigar tastes better at 58 than another one at 65, how can I eliminate the possibility that the 65 was just one of the "off" cigars in the box? Granted, I'm sure a large enough sample size would narrow it down but I doubt most of us would have the time/inclination to go all the way lol.
  11. From my personal experience I have never encountered "tongue bite" from a cigar like I have a pipe. The closest I guess is from very short cigars like Upmann half coronas with more open draws that can't restrict the heat coming from the close proximity of the cherry. More due to the heat than actual flavor characteristics.

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