Are we at the bottom yet? Here is a Competition.

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........or is there an abyss below us :surprised:

Aussie market opens in 45 minutes.

Picked up Ken at 6:20 am this morning (he is borrowing our FOH beach 4X4) and it was all I could do to stop him jumping out :lol:

On this thread pick two things. No commentary required.

1. Who will win the US Presidency November 4th

2. The finishing Dow on Friday 31st of October.

Your picks need to be in by Friday the 10th of October.

To the winner a Pack of Partagas P2 Tubos. You must have picked the Presidency. Then closest to the finishing Dow on that nominated date.

***Note: If two people post the same winning selections....the prize goes to the first poster ***

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» Is it too late to nominate Colt45 as next President?

It'd never work out........

I believe in using common sense, I don't believe in professional politicians, and would not be in

it for the power.

I'd make cleaning house my top priority, along with personal freedoms and responsibilities.

Nonetheless, I thank you for your support - every vote for me is a vote for one a$$ kicked in Washington.

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