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  1. Congrats Tim! Cool ashtray that you will treasure forever. Dave
  2. Good to meet you; you are now an honorary Front Range Herfer, Jes! Come back anytime. Dave
  3. What Z said... Late meeting going on Tuesday for me. PM me and Z if you can make Thursday night work. I like Delaney's just fine. Truffle fries at Churchills are sprinkled with crack. :-) Dave
  4. While filling out forms for my last (and final) life insurance policy, the questions were, "Do you smoke cigarettes?"...NO "Do you smoke cigars?... YES I abstained for 3 weeks. My tests were negative for nicotine or metabolites. Later, a "nurse" with a robotic voice called and asked how many cigars I smoked. I replied, "1-10 per month, it depends".. I heard a rustling of paper, and then the best question, "Do you smoke the occasional celebratory cigar?" After a moments reflection, I replied, "Why, yes!" End of interview. Dave
  5. I am also humbled and 0 for 2. I held this cigar next to every robusto in my collection, and would have never guessed BRC. After smoking it, I would have bet the farm against BRC. I am crushed, bitter and angry. Goddammit Dave
  6. I really enjoyed this robusto. I compared it visually with some other robustos in my stash and decided this one was more round than obvious box press. Stored at 65/65, smoked on a windless back patio, paired with water. Nice construction, light wrapper, perfect cap came off with Xikar bris. Cold draw was slightly on firm side, with hay and tea flavors. Careful lighting with distant jet flame, first draw was delicious sweet toasty flavor with citrus hints. Medium toasty, vanilla and nutty flavors throughout, some harshness right at the end. Smoked over one hour. Only negative was slightly tight draw and low to medium smoke volume. Interesting variation in experiences noted by other members. Guess sent, good luck! Dave
  7. Hello FOHers, I let my boxed pressed marevas rest at 65 degrees/65% humidity for about one month, then dry boxed it for one day. Smoked it indoors with a few Colorado members, so we did have some discussion about the possible identity of the cigar. The cigar didn't smell like much cold and the draw was easy with light tobacco flavors. Carefully toasted the foot and the opening notes were harsh and bitter. This settled down quickly into a one note symphony: medium tobacco flavor with a hard-to-define mineral/metallic flavor. This stayed the same all the way through the one hour smoking time. I did not really enjoy this cigar. Guess sent, Dave
  8. Ordered from international store, received same box code and smoked one ROTT yesterday; heavenly spice cake smoke. Cheers! Dave
  9. 2012 PSD4 You must get some. They are delicious and remind me of a great big Party Short! Dave
  10. Great to have you back, Guy. Keep up the good work. Dave
  11. Guy, God bless you! I am sorry we could not meet up in Calvisson, but I am thrilled to hear of your recovery. A bientot, j'espere Dave
  12. Nice to finally get one right. Oddly, this was the only one I smoked alone, without the usual herfing crew offering suggestions.... Congrats to the winners and thanks Rob for the contest. Dave
  13. FOH Cigar Number 3 Blind Tasting Julieta no. 2 Storage 65 degrees/ 65% humidity x 3 months, dry box 1 day 1/2 inch crack at foot (present on arrival), no biggie Wrapper medium colorado, nothing special Aroma cold, honey sweetness with that "clean habanos" aroma Draw perfect, slow ignition with Ronson lighter, perfect burn for 2 hours Opening blast of hay and honey, plenty of smoke Not much change in flavor but very pleasant, midway some sweet,cake-like spice, mainly clean tobacco Dark tea and chocolate near the nub I enjoyed this cigar! Dave
  14. Congrats to those who guessed correctly. Later, after submitting my guess, I smoked a delicious SLR Pacifico gifted to me by tsolomon. I remember thinking, "This tastes a lot like that Cigar Number 2". Oh well, great cigar anyway. Pres, was it from a 50 cab or a dress box? Dave
  15. Hello all, Really a question for Rob, but all may benefit... I did a search to make sure I wasn't missing something. This offering usually happens around April.... Cheers, Dave
  16. FOH Blind Cigar Tasting Cigar 2 Corona Gorda 46 x 5.6" 60 deg F/65% RH x 6 weeks; dry box x 1 day Here are my notes and I am sticking to them: Beautiful construction, silky wrapper, well rolled, one side flat but probably from cab (round) Mellow sweet smell and light tobacco flavor on cold draw Light grey ash, perfect combustion Immediate grassy flavor, light sweet tobacco notes Pleasant light body, drying smoke in mouth, tannic, astringent Hints of wood, vanilla in background of pleasant grassy flavor Darker notes mid way; hint of spice/light pepper, still sweet overall, grass falls to background Pleasant down to last inch, bitter notes come out Enjoyable My thanks to herfing buddies Scott, Henry, Peter, and Dave for the puff-pass reality testing. We disagreed some on the identity, but I will take the glory/blame for the final guess. Dave
  17. Terrible and shocking news. Guy and I were corresponding about meeting for a cigar on my upcoming trip to France. I was about to send a message last night but didn't complete the task. Even though we never met, he was willing to welcome me with open arms as a fellow BOTL. Prayers sent with a heavy heart... Dave
  18. I enjoy collecting them all! You should see the ones from Mexico... Dave
  19. I must have gotten a good one... Petit Corona 42 ring/5.1"/box press Rested 3 weeks at 60 deg. F/65% humidity and smoked after one day of dry boxing. Medium colorado wrapper, nondescript, sweet tobacco aroma. First third: nice draw, tea flavors, readily lit with sweet aroma, initial blast of cocoa and toasted flavors, very pleasant. Middle third: continued chocolate and milk coffee with occasional hints of hazelnut and wood. Grey/white ash and no combustion problems. Last third: slight bitterness/espresso notes, continued dark chocolate. I really liked this cigar. A brief puff-pass with another respected FOH member confirmed that I was not hallucinating. Good luck to all! Dave
  20. El Principe EMA Nov 07 smoking like a dream now. Mocha milkshake with French press anything. Dave
  21. Here you go... Dave
  22. I cannot work out the storefront right now.... Email sent! :-) Dave

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