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  1. Picked up some cigars to help me figure out what box purchases I will be making
  2. I have been hearing a lot of people talking about these cigars. Are they custom rolled? Are they Cuban? How are they? Any feedback would be much appreciated
  3. After I posted pics last night my curiosity was killing me so I said what the hell, I smoked one, and wow I hate to say it but it was delicious ... If it wasn't for the box code not having a date I think I would of been fooled for sure
  4. My friend got me this box of number 4's for my birthday. He said my empoyee's aunt works in part ages factory and she sells them out the back door. He said he paid $125 for the box, which we know is way underpriced. Tell me what you guys think of this counterfeit box
  5. Hats Off to all the Pics.. Just simply unbelievable..def not a cheap Pastime
  6. Labels def ruin the box. I was told that all newer boxes do not have them on anymore. Atleast coming from here
  7. I've had this box of 10 for 5 years and I smoked 1 a couple of days ago and it was unbelievable. Perfect draw , burned beautifully and the test was perfect.
  8. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. This is a great forum with lots of good people and you will learn a ton of stuff between discussions, reviews and pics. Gives you a good idea on what you wanna buy next

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