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  1. I'm in and will try to get fellow sleeper agent Al Burgess along as well. Cheers Sam
  2. Hills cigar group session at Trevor Leask's place with Ryan, Kam, myself and Ryan's cousin from WA. A great afternoon in the Hills of Sydney!
  3. Been awhile since posting on FOH, but offer this review of a the Bolivars Coronas Extra gifted to me by Kam. Trevor Leask recently hosted a Sunday cigar session at his residence. Plenty of great cigars were enjoyed and traded and one that was generously passed to me by Kam was a Bolivar Coronas Extra from 2000. With such a great cigar calling me from the humidor, it was less than a week later that I decided to light this aged cigar up. The pre-light draw was great and showed light herbal tea notes. The first third of the cigar started with mild spice and I could taste black pepper on the back of the palate. It was a very delicate taste and the cigar interestingly also provided an aroma of dried fruit/citrus. About an inch in, I picked up a faint hint of Guiness - yes I know this may sound like I'm stretching cigar 'wankerism' way too far, but I truly picked up the taste of Ireland's famous stout. I'm not a huge Guiness fan, however I know the drink and this cigar offered the flavour that hits you on your first sip. And no, I was not drinking Guiness at the time. I was actually on some water so I wasn't influenced by any flavours from my usual tipple of choice. In the second half of the cigar the "Guiness/stout" taste comes to the fore and the dried fruit aroma I mentioned earlier diminishes. Towards the end of the cigar the spiciness returns and provides a nice strong finish to what was a great cigar. The Coronas Extra had a perfect draw and nice, slow burn rate. This cigar reminds me of what the joys of cigars are all about: new and old friends, sharing and trading cigars, smoking new cigars, and discovering new flavours. Note to Kam: Cheers mate an absolute cracker! Note to Ryan: Yes, now I can see how you think Senhor Bolivar on the band reminds you of Borat sans moustache! Wawaweewah Review is also up on Inlumino Cigars News Australia
  4. Heading to Fiji next Sunday for a week with the family. Not expecting much, but anyone know of any cigar-friendly bars, shops in Nadi/Denareu? Cheers
  5. anyone else had this cigar? What a crock of a cigar. One-dimenional, slightly tough draw, and waited two hours for something special... boring cigar
  6. Hey everyone, I was gifted a box of the 207 RE Espana VR Maestros the other day. Beautiful looking sticks. Just wondering if those of you who have enjoyed some could let me know what to expect. Cheers Sam
  7. Hi guys, long time away from FOH. For newbies, I'm hosting a cigar appreciation seminar on Tuesday 6 December at La Bodeguita del Medio Sydney. More details up on the blog if you or someone you know is keen. Cheers http://inluminocomms.blogspot.com/2011/11/2nd-cigar-appreciation-session-at-la.html
  8. Cheers...btw smoked a Cohiba Reserva pyramid Trevor Leask gifted me.. one of the strongest cigars I've had since the 2003 HDM LE!
  9. I can go a month without having a cigar, but then can go through 4 or 5 in a week. Usually have one to two a week depending on a number of factors including: 2 year old and wife being asleep, and having the time
  10. Hey boys and girls...and Ken, I haven't been on for a while have I missed anything?
  11. are you sure we won't have to dry box these for 3 years Smithy?

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