EAR: Talisman 2017 and 2019/20

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EAR= Email Assistance Requested. 

I have replied but would love him to get a broader spectrum of answers. Please assist with your opinion if you can. :ok:

Hi Rob, I hope all is well the family and  the FOH team!. I have a quick question that I am having a hard time answering.  Is there any difference in taste between the 2017 Talisman and the 2019/20 Talisman?  I have a chance to buy both at a reasonable price point but will only outlay for one. It appears that on the secondary market they appear to perform lineball which maybe means there is no difference. Any input would be really helpful. 


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I’ve had both and not a discernible difference to me. But I’m also a believer (reminiscer) that Cohiba were best in the 1990s.  FWIW, I’m not a CPE fan and I’ve smoked a lot of them in the 2015-2020 vintages.  So maybe I’m not a good data point. 

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I had heard the 19/20 batch had been considered superior, however I didn't understand that to mean the 17/18s were to be avoided. I distinctly recall the more positive opinion of the 19/20s though.

Personally I've only had one and it was a 17/18 so I can't compare. 

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