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  1. RyJ Churchill was a favorite in the 1990s. Not the same richness now IMHO, but still very pleasant cigar. I still think it blows the doors off HDM DC and punch DC. About even with Lusi, which I also thought was better in the late 1990s. I also think punch DC outperforms HDM DC. Over 25 years I’ve never had a HDM DC really impress me…but I like fuller flavored blends.
  2. Don’t worry, the cigar was smoked well after the wine was drunk. 1970 la mission haut Brion was a fav of mine before I ran out a couple years ago. Also the 1970 Cheval blanc was a standout for me. I think 1978 haut batailley was another standout…I had a couple cases but finished it off in late 1990s.
  3. I opened this oldy last weekend for a bbq to share with a couple friends. It was brick red and still eminently drinkable. 1978 wasn’t an awful year in Bordeaux.
  4. Try to get your hands on a Joya Cinco Decadas or a Bespoke/casdagli Pony Express…..they both can be excellent and are consistent.
  5. I’m a bistro guy. Haute bistro cuisine. I want a starter, main and maybe a dessert. I love dual sauces that meld together…ducasse chicken with a reduced jus and a creamy lemony morel ragout. I can’t handle the tasting menus with one sip of wine for each course.
  6. Always good to have a lap rocket when it’s cold out…I have a couple fatties.
  7. My latest box of esplendidos is 2016…some are good but mostly meh. Maybe I need to spring for a 2021 box. Thanks for heads up.
  8. Mid to late 1990s RyJ Churchill was my favorite cigar…full bodied, delicious. Couldn’t agree more with above comments about its death and rebirth. I also remember 90s bolivar as stronger with a real barnyard twang that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. And maybe it’s just me, but 90s cohiba used to have a distinct flavor that made them special and unique. I don’t really detect that anymore.
  9. SLR Regios has been super consistent for me from late 1990s to present. Some bad rolls in years, but flavor hasn’t changed….probably my favorite overall flavor-wise

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