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Still very new to CCs but what I've had I've enjoyed and I've managed to jump in with both feet.  What I'm looking for is suggestions on if there is anything missing from the list of what I've picked up so far that are big gaps in 'you really should try this as you start to explore CCs.'

So far I have:

Bolivar    Petit Corona
Cohiba    Siglo I
Hoyo de Monterrey    Epicure No. 1
Hoyo de Monterrey    Epicure Especial
Montecristo    No. 2
Montecristo    No. 1
Montecristo    Edmundo
Partagas    Serie D Number 4
Ramon Allones    Small Club Corona
Romeo y Julieta    Short Churchill
Romeo y Julieta    Mille Fleurs
Trinidad    Reyes


On my 'get these next time you see them' list already is:

Ramon Allones Specially Select

And I'd like to try the lanceros from cohiba/trinidad, if you know, they ever appear 😝.

Thanks for taking a look and appreciate the advice.

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Have you tried anything H. Upmann? From what you already have and like, I think you would enjoy Mag 46/Connie 1 and Half Coronas. Partagas E2 and Shorts too. Cohiba Siglo III and IV maybe?

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If you like the Monte and the lancero vitola then you could give the Monte Esp #2 a go. Not quite a lancero but close. I really like those. I would agree with Tdm_86 on giving the Cohiba Siglo III a try. If you liked Trinidad you can try the Medina Luna or the Coloniales. Partagas Lusi is one you should try as well. 

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Definitely throw H Upmann in there.Connoisseur 1. Por Larranaga PC or MC . And I am a big Rafael Gonzalez and San Cristobal fan.

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