Forum Upgrade - Tech Issues - UPDATE (16/7/19)


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Hi All,

Until we hear back from Invision on this, the best workarounds are:

1. Clear browser cache on your device (especially phones, as this issue seems to be centred primarily on that device type). We have tweaked some settings, but these may not take effect until you perform a clearing of your cache. 

2. Keep file sizes small to medium. Large files may trip the error. Cropping photos has worked for some members. 

We'll hopefully hear back from Invision soon and have this resolved. Thanks for your patience.



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On 7/3/2019 at 12:38 PM, BoliDan said:

Has anyone else having multiple notifications for the same person at different times? JohnS liked my same FOH daily smoke 3 times on 3 different hours.?

That was an excellent post, that one. Keep them up! ? ?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All,

We have just bumped up the file upload limits, so this should resolve the problem--they were perhaps set a little low, especially the multiple image limit. 

Please clear your browser's cache before attempting to upload again, as your browser will likely hold onto the old settings if you don't. The problem will just keep occurring. 

Thanks. We'll see how this goes.

Cheers All. 

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Same errors. -200. Upload failed. Constant notifications for the same thing. Not in time. Only way I can load pics is tapatalk. 

I phone XR. Safari. Cleared cache like 5 times. Software is 12.3.1. Most current. All since last update on your end. Never had issues before and have had same phone ...

hope this helps. 

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