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  1. Myself and my fellow Egotistical Narcissists on this forum would LOVE a very limited ADVANCED COPY pledge option so we can hold it over everyone else's head! I KNOW those would go quicker than a cab of Sir David's on 24:24!
  2. Sancho Panza Ducales from the 1980s... Why the Eff not!
  3. Two of the absolute best songs in rock n roll history: Tutti Frutti and Long Tall Sally Keep on Knockin’ But Ya Can’t Come In also fantastic
  4. Just another day! Big Ups to @lovethehaze for the OUTSTANDING RAMON ADRIATICO!!!!
  5. 2005 Punch Punch Fantastic 2017 Monica Lewinsky (aka HdM DC)
  6. Just a nice 2017 Connie A - some idiot cracked the head AND burnt the shit out of the foot! ?‍♂️
  7. A very nice WFE Four Year Rye and a great Peerless Single Barrel Rye. Along with a 2007 Sancho Belicoso
  8. The only Montecristo worth smoking... Especiales from 2000
  9. This is unbelievably outstanding! Picked it up last July at Heaven Hill Distillery.
  10. The last of the Heaven Hill 6 year - sad to see it go.
  11. Just a few drams of Dalwhinnie tonight with a 2001 RyJ Beli
  12. A few from this week...Peerless Single Barrel Rye from their initial release year (2015) one of the first barrels they bottled. Blood Oath #1 ...smooth vanilla bomb. The best of the 5 release by far and the original.
  13. Spirit of York 100% Rye Whiskey from Toronto, Canada. You fellas Up North make a mean ass fuc$ing Rye! They make a Vodka, Gin and some other spirits that are available at the Distillery in Toronto and I have seen all of them in the liquors stores. But I have never seen the Rue in liquor stores and they don’t even mention it on their website!
  14. ??? I’m getting the shakes just looking at that shit.
  15. So, what are you drinkin' during these challenging times? I'm lining up my best stuff. First off was Evan Williams Red Bottle 12 Year Old Bourbon - 101 Proof. Only available in the Japanese market or at the distillery in Lousiville, Kentucky.

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