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    tuna fishing, fly tying, saltwater fly fishing, swordfishing and oh yea CIGARS!!

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  1. I had the best siglio vi of my life this year... partagas Maduro no 1
  2. Worker no...but I carve Santa’s and gnomes for gifts and toys
  3. I understand complete. I used to do that but now I build custom fly rods, tie flies, work on something other than my phone and take a lot of breaks to enjoy the stick
  4. Qdo54 ryj wide churchill im king of bitten by the thick bug. I still enjoy thinner sticks but these as of late
  5. Cleared cache/history/shrunk photo..still get -200 error as well on iPad Pro with latest updates
  6. Cigar: cigarillos...I just don’t get it and never had one that was any good. other: snakes, ignorance, gin, people who walk into my back cast when fishing in the beach.
  7. Solid review of my favorite stick...thank you

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