MEL FEB 17 Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2. WOW!!!

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Shhhhh. Stop telling people. Seriously though, JL1 and 2 are both serious contenders for my top three 2018 production. And that's saying something because it has been a damn good year across a lot of marcas. 

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My box is exactly the same code, bought around the same time. We might have even got them from the same 24:24! I remember picking these up just before Havanathon 2017. Have to agree with @Diabolicalpherpher, this is one of the most oily and pungent boxes I have ever had. When received, I remember being able to smell it through the packaging.

Great review @joshhooper7! I was ageing my box - was going to wait until the 3 year mark, which it is not far off from, but after your review I think I've just lost all resolve to wait any longer! ?

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I agree the JL n2  is a fantastic cigar. I have a similar box code and I do get those nice orange citrus notes and that "Cuban twang". Rob describes it as of you are smoking a Negroni which I totally agree! I have tried a 4 year old JLn2 from Rob at a FoH meet last year. It was fantastic. Let them age a bit longer if you can!

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