H. Upmann Royal Robusto Casa Del Habano

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I had the opportunity to spend some time with a long time friend who was in town briefly. We trucked down to the Habanos Atmosphere cafe and picked out a few sticks and settled in for some catching up and enjoying some fine cigars.

I chose a H. Upmann Royal Robusto Casa Del Habano not knowing anything about it. I just wanted a nice larger ring gauge cigar that I hadn't tried and these were tucked up under the shelf sharing the divided space with a shorter vitola which made it rather hard to see. What a find!

I didn't get to spend much time focusing in on the different aspects of the cigar or taking photos. Wow! what a cigar. Nice creamy nuttiness with touch of sweet hay at the start, moving into chocolate, espresso, finally deep roasted tobacco, leather, espresso. I took it down until I couldn't hold it any longer. I would have used my Perfect Draw but I had lent it to my buddy who never saw one before.

I need to get a cell phone with a better camera ? but you get the idea. 

A real great cigar that lent to the start to a fine evening catching up with a friend. He is a big cigar fan and has a lot of experience with non-Cuban varieties so it was good to impart my new found knowledge on Cuban cigars to help steer him toward choosing a fantastic cigars to take home and enjoy that evening. We came back after grabbing a nice dinner and burned a stick to round out the night. I chose a H.Upmann - Upmann No.2 for dessert but couldn't stop thinking about the Royal Robusto.

I would say a solid 97-98 out of a 100. 




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I have a ten count I brought I Cuba I haven't broken into yet. But (and I know a few on the forum will agree) I just seem to enjoy every Upmann I try. There are duds in a box like all Cuban cigars but the I just love the flavours Upmann bring. Nice review ?

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As LCDH’s go, the Royal Robusto is a solid performer. But I think the slghtly larger Boli Libertador takes it up several notches - right up there with La Trova IMO.

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I bought a box two years ago in Cuba that changed my life ... one of the first Cubans I fell in love with.

I bought a box last year through another online retailer ... and it was the flattest, blandest Cuban I can recall smoking.

The very definition of hit or miss!

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