some days are better than others

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Just now, El Presidente said:

let's check out one bottle at the next review. :spotlight:

$1500 a bottle? 

never ever forget that you are worth it :D

hey, if you are going to dream, dream big.

you know my views on reds and cigars so the chances of one of these being wasted like that is not high. 

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29 minutes ago, westg said:

I have seen many a Red in the reviews.

Plesse do us all a favour and drink in in the next review...dont punish us mate.


westy, we have many reds because it is simply not worth the hassle of arguing with whipcrack about this. if i don't provide a good red, the toys go out of the pram. 

he brings a pre-castro lusi or something of equal magnificence then he might have a chance but after he spat my 25 year old rum over the balcony railings it means he has a lot to make up. 

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6 hours ago, Ken Gargett said:

suspect that they won't be perfect given the storage but they have not been moved for 20 years and in the dark and even though the temp would have been higher than desirable it would have been consistent. 

What kind of temps are we talking?

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