Your most pungent aromatic box of cigars

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You can always see how oily the cigars are from the pictures but we still haven’t been able to convey aroma and the pungency very well unless you are able to physically smell them yourself. For me, any pungent cigars that I acquired have been outstanding smokes.  

My most aromatic boxes were/are:

Ramon Allones Superiors ETP FEB 16

HdM Epi2 OBM MAR 17


  These boxes once opened, fill the room with it’s wonderful aroma.

My question to you, is what is your most pungent box of cigars and do they equate to outstanding smoking experience?


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Water, wine and cigar. I have been smoking on a box of 2008 Siglo VI that are definitely pungent! This one tonight for sure. Super good. 


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  Some of the larger ring gauge cabs like the 50-SLBs of RASS or a cab of Siglo 6 etc can be dense and decadent in cold aroma. But I don't think you'll ever get much more cloying and pungent than when you unwrap the foil from RyJ Cazadores; that wet packed tobacco being sealed up... It's utterly something else

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