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  1. There is no replacement for the Reyes. We are all screwed.
  2. This is as sad as it is funny. Sad because I love Reyes. Funny because quality will still be all over the place. I feel upset when I get a box of duds at pre covid prices. Imagine $100 a stick and you get under filled Vigia.
  3. The only reason I smoke is to post pictures of my ashes
  4. I personally haven't noticed a ton of difference on flavor if the RG is above 42. The burn does seem to be effected by the shade. Though it seems the binder may indeed be the culprit there. My two cents: the wrapper is more a visual aspect. It can contribute to the overall experience more than the overall flavor.
  5. I dig them. I suddenly wonder how many cigars a day prez smokes....
  6. Early 50's Romeo y Julieta Fancy Tales of smoke. A very rare cigar. One I was considering never smoking. Nah..... In honor of Mike. My first thought was to wait till tomorrow. After all the weather will be warmer and sunny. It's Saturday, I am off of work. No time like the present......
  7. I have enjoyed Cohiba overall. They are a bit expensive for me though.

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