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Great story and good for you! Find it very odd that someone smoking cigarettes would even say something. From my experience,  a Lot of people who don't even smoke enjoy the smell of a cigar. Oh well!


I’ve had many bartenders tell me i couldn’t light up... with people smoking their chemical ridden cigarettes all around.


When i was working in Allentown, PA for months, there was a cigar shop that had signs saying cigarette smokers were not allowed in the lounge whatsoever. They got ALL my business while I was working and living there!!

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On 2/15/2019 at 8:36 PM, unclepauly25 said:

Nice story Luca! I can’t stand people like that, you can smoke a cigarette but the smell of a cigar makes you cough?

those cigars look good, never had one yet, take care brother! 

Yep! Carly doesn't understand either! 

Make sure you try them if you get a chance. Great and highly underrated cigar!

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14 hours ago, Rrm7284 said:

That was truly a great read, thanks for the review and story. Yet to try one and they’ve been on my radar for a long time. Definitely on my short list now!

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Thank you for reading! Make sure you try them! 

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