Hello from Stockholm, Sweden!


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Hello everybody!

Very happy to be a part of this community. I have been a semi-lurker for a while and decided to become a member to broaden my knowledge of CC:s. 

So far very nice.

I reside in Stockholm, Sweden and have been puffing for couple of years. I like both vintage and new cigars. I like specially the smaller marcas.

I love to visit cigar shops around the world when I travel. I have visited many in Europe and my favorites is in Switzerland and Holland.

My first cigar experience was a very funny one. Quite young, I decided to buy two NC Robustos on the Hollywood Walk, California, for the new year of 2011. Me and my friend lit up them up at our hotel Roof and I started to puff like there was no next day, so what happen? One of the worst nicotine kicks in my life and I was floored the rest of the evening. 

Some of my best cigar experience is probably when I visited a small town outside Geneva where I sat at the rocks facing towards Lake Geneva and all the beautiful mountains, enjoying a lovley RyJ Churchill. Or enjoying a nice dinner at a local restaurant in city center Stockholm and finish the evening with a Punch Churchill Tubo from -98 with great company.  


I have much more to talk about but I believe I have to put a end to it here. If you are visiting Sweden/Stockholm, or are Swedish/Stockholmian, send me a message and we can discuss more! 


Thank you!


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Welcome. I’d be interested to hear your recommendations on Swiss stores. My daughter I are traveling there next year. If you wouldn’t mind PMing me your suggestions, that would be great. 

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