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  1. Thanks for the detailed field report. I’m sure that was one experience you’d rather not repeat. Being treated as guilty when innocent creates such a terrible mix of feelings.
  2. Ah, Thanksgiving - such a glorious holiday. Both a celebration of gratefulness and a license to gorge ourselves on our favorite foods, drinks, desserts, and smokes. And all without fear of being judged a glutton, since any such judginess would violate the spirit of the day.
  3. Such a bunch of piss-pants the younger of my generation are (those born after 1990). Killed comedy.
  4. Review was much enjoyed. Curious about this line: “Such smells case have genital gloves from tender suede skin (at Polish lajka/lojka)” My guess at translation was: the scent of the leather of a sheepskin condom? How did I do?
  5. Read an interesting Brexit update that provided some context I had been lacking:
  6. Great question. In my estimation: a cigar at a higher percent moisture content must have greater mass than that same cigar at lower percent moisture content, all else held constant. Now, accessing instruments that are fine enough to measure the differences is where things may get difficult. Anyone have access to a lab? By the way, I would love to see this study performed. @PigFish, do you have the tools for the job?
  7. @CigarScentedBeard you have good taste, my friend. I don’t know that I would pack much differently, other than swapping the Epi2 for Epi1, and adding a RASC or 2.
  8. The QDO corona I smoked in Paris this January was excellent - not better than Monte 3 mind you, but damn good with a lighter profile that isn’t similar to another corona I can think of. There you have it: novelty. That and they’re presenting very well these days. Construction looks spot on. Can’t speak to the smoking qualities of the 50 & 54, but I would really LOVE to get my claws on a box of the coronas.
  9. @argrovesjd Unreal. Here’s an article out of CBC Canada regarding the current state of affairs between the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes: Those of you looking for additional series on or related to Cuba/Cuban tobacco, @shippers mentioned the Prince of Smoke documentary on Amazon Prime Video earlier in this thread. I watched it and enjoyed it very much. While only 24 minutes long, it’s very current and is an up-close look at the Robaina family.
  10. Yes, but as I understand it won’t show up on your UI until you’ve met the requirements we’ve mentioned. In the FOH FAQs, you can find the exact specifications.
  11. Right on. I’ll be sure to ‘take ‘er easy’ on the next PLMC I smoke.

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