"When it's cocktail time in Cuba" brilliant book by Basil Woon

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2 minutes ago, aphexafx said:

Awesome!  Thanks for posting the link to this.  That's going to be an expensive book to get your hands on, my guess.

One about to go on Ebay for £72.  As much as I'd like to, digital will do for now.  

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"An American abroad is not happy unless he can feel thoroughly superior and a sine qua non of this superiority is that the country he visits should have a language different from his own. The natives can thus be berated for their ignorance and dullness of comprehension. In Cuban educational circles a movement is on foot to so contrive it that every child speaks English on graduation from high-school.  This is a movement upon which the tourist commission of Cuba should set a heavy, unscrupulous heel.  If the Cuban children speak English, they will unconsciously ape the American and succeed at last in thinking and acting as the American. The boys will begin to think cock-fighting cruel, and turn to baseball, and the girls will no longer seriously consider motherhood at the age of thirteen. I assure you that I wot—a lot—of what I am saying, and it is my solemn opinion that the future of Cuba touristically depends not so much upon its climate, as is fallaciously believed, as upon the fact that Cuba is a foreign—a very foreign—land. " - Page 3


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1 hour ago, El Presidente said:

Great find :ok:

Just reading through Basil Woon describe the 'movers and shakers' of the day, in Cuba 1927, fantastic to think about all these characters in the hubbub of Habana.   Got me wondering how he would describe you and Ken on one of your jaunts. 


Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 22.46.01.png

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WOW. 1,000 Euros?!?!?

My Dad has a copy in his library. The dust cover is in rough shape, but the book itself is pristine. I actually read it over about a week right before my last trip. I will let him know how valuable it is, so he can put it somewhere a bit safer. 

The book is wildly racist, sexist, and a perfect snapshot of the time. It's worth the time to read it, trust me.

I'll be over at my parents house this weekend, I'll grab a few photos and check on the print date. There are some great photos in the middle of the book. I would never leave if there were still a horse track in Havana. Haha. 

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