Romeo y Julieta-when is their sweet spot

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I just ordered a box of RyJ Belicoso last week, to try for the first time. It dawned on me today that I've no idea when they will be ready to smoke, and more importantly when they will be at their best. This got me thinking about when RyJ generally would be at their best, and I don't have an answer.

So learned FOH, I would love to hear your opinions on when the Churchill, Petit Corona, Belicoso and Short Churchill are at their best, as these are what I have.



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I am a big fan of the R&J Churchill’s. I like to let them sit a year then dip into a box.

i have the advantage of having a few boxes from 2014-2018 so if the one year old box is not great, I can forget about them for another year.

i find that 3 years is the sweet spot, but again I have a shit load of cigars to choose from so I can be patient.

The Wide Churchill’s tend to be similar.

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Agree with the above that you want to have some left at three years as I've found that larger RyJ especially tend to round out and the signature black cherry note becomes brighter in that time.  No reason not to follow the progression by sampling one every few months after initial acclimatization.

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three to five for me = beli, churchill, cazadores, petit corona

2-3 = Exhibicion 4, Short Churchill, Wide Churchill, Petit churchills. 

1-2 = Petit Royales, 

The burst of R&J berry intensity is predominantly found in those cigars listed in the 1-3 year range. I don't want to lose it. 

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Thanks everyone for their golden nuggets. ?

I really like Stunod's example of how to get the perfect smoke-so I'll try and buy a box of Churchill's every year so I can dip into them and smoke what's best at the time. 

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I’ve got a few boxes of Wide Churchill’s from 2016 and they are really hitting their  stride. To bad my taste have changed since I bought them, seem to really like the smaller RG sticks now. 

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