Parti Presidente of late, yay or nay?

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It’s the dead of winter on my hemisphere, which means time to get a fresh box of RyJ Cazzies for summer.  Warm afternoon sun, mountain air, cut grass, bumble bees, ice-cold Coca-Cola, and a fresh Cazzie - this is my little slice of heaven, folks.  There is nothing like tearing open that foil in June.

But before I twitch my finger on the buy button…

I’ve been on a Partagas kick, thanks to a cute little box of PCEs that are out of this world.  I’ve never had a Presidente.  They’re winking at me, asking me to saunter over, buying me drinks.  The pic on the FOH store isn’t helping.  Those look amazing.  I’ve read the reviews, I know they can be powerful, straightforward, in your face, how ya doin’, no-nonsense smokes.  That’s what I’m looking for in the Cazzies, I’m FINE with that.  I want that.  Also, the vitola is perfect to fill the Cazzie's shoes.

Has anyone purchased a recent box?  I think I’ve read they’ve come around, got muscle again, but now I can’t find that reference.  Can anyone say anything to stop me from grabbing a box for the coming summer?  I’ve smoked enough Cazzies to stroke out a herd of elephants, might a current Parti Presidente be a nice change of pace for my warm summer afternoons?

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3 hours ago, aphexafx said:

they can be powerful,

I've smoked 4 from a recent GOS coded box, and they are pretty light bodied.  I would suggest mid or below.  898's are a shadow of those from 2008 (in terms of body) and Presidentes are going the same way.  Dont get me wrong the recent GOS ones I have smoked, have been a delight.  Marshmallow, porcini, forest floor sweet paprika, cream..............but to my mind a million miles away from blow your socks off party power. 

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Thanks to all.  It sounds like the Presidentes are pretty well on lately and I want to try them based on your positive comments.

I didn't mean to imply that I expected them to replicate the RyJ Cazzies as far as brute strength; a change of pace is a change of pace, after all.  I was hoping to hear they had a bit of that no-nonsense Partagas muscle when fresh.  Enough body to raise your eyebrows and scare away the mosquitoes.  I like a little water in my eyes.  Always sad to hear "mid or below" bodied applied to any regular Partagas, especially the 898.  I'm glaring at TABACUBA/HSA right now.  A Partagas shouldn't be shy, imo.  Anyway, the 898 is too refined for my cheeky summertime smoke and it would be a waste not to put them away for a while and then savor them after dinner.

Going to give the Presidents a go and find out for myself.  If they aren't working out fresh this summer, I have no problem putting them away for a few years.  Sounds like the worst that will happen is I'll have a box of good Partagas flavor in an old school perfecto.  ?  Nothing wrong with that.

I don't imagine they sell all that well and I'm afraid they'll be discontinued and then I'll never know.

I'll smoke one when they get here and report back.

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