Announcing the December '18 FOHnies Winners!

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The FOHnies was one of many fun, successful additions to the forum in 2018, and so we're carrying it on into 2019 and beyond! If you're new to FOH you can learn about the FOHnies here.

As always, thanks to all for contributing... Here's the last one for 2018, December's winners (email lisa at [email protected] with your details if you're tagged below. Lise will despatch your prize.) 

 The Oxfords


Great to see a new member hit one out of the FOHnies ballpark with this classy know-how post. Storage is always a realm of great debate, and we love the input and feedback it drives. Well done, amigo! For the post Where do you keep your RH/Temps? the FOHnie goes to @Jmc1983

The Boots



What do we want to think about as the year's coming to a close? Yep, what cigars we're going to buy next year! :yes: A great way to usher in the New Year... For the post What's on your 2019 buy list the FOHnie goes to @anjimj

The Uggies


A shoutout to the FOH Logistics crew made us all feel warm and fuzzy, and it was a great post to remind us that the FOH community encompasses those behind the scenes, too. It wouldn't work without them! For the post Thank you to the Logistics Crew the FOHnie goes to @RDB

Golden Flip Flops


Cigar Room... Man Cave... Golden Flip Flops... Nuff said. For the post Cigar Room & Man Cave the FOHnie goes to @Stratus

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