Toronto Meet Up. Thurs Sep 27, 2018 ~ 4:30PM

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Greetings all.

We've got a fellow FOH'r visiting Toronto late September. @encephalization

It's been a while since many of us have herfed together, given our city's unfriendly anti-smoking stance.  So, weather permitting, there is a good spot we can meet and smoke unmolested (mostly).  The Yorkville Rock Park.

BYOC and grab a coffee from one of the nearby shops.  Let's aim for a 4:30PM start.  The map link is above.  Here's a few pics to situate yourself.



Where we'll be. 


RSVP via this thread if you're interested.

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Weather update for Thursday seems decent. There will be a plan B in case.  PM me your email address in the meantime so I can send updated info directly.  Keep an eye on this thread too.







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Put Wednesday by mistake. Thursday weather much better. Will email folks the day before to confirm nonetheless.
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15 minutes ago, encephalization said:

Thank you everyone who met up, great to meet you all and it definitely added to my Toronto experience. Hope to see you guys soon again!

It was great to meet you Max. Enjoy your visit.  :ok:


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I'm sorry to miss that.For weeks it was very quiet at my work and than a call came in that my work needs my help.I didn't get home til 6:30pm that eveningOh well life goes on

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