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  1. I sent in a cigar that had this exact same sparkle and i sent a video like this to Rob before hand........it was mould.
  2. I have recently smoked the Dumas and it was a powerhouse (which i love!) full body all the way, haven't had the other 2 but the Dumas i can say is a great stick!
  3. Any shops you would recommend in Barcelona when you were there in March? I have some mules/friends going next week
  4. What shop did you pick these up from? have some friends going next week and want them to mule some back for me Cheers
  5. Ive got a Xikar Xi2 - have had it for about 4 years and its like the day i bought it, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty
  6. Arriving in Paris on Sat AM, plan on walking over to A La Civette to stock up for the 5 days ill be there and proceed to smoke and drink my way around town any must visit cigar related shops, cafe, venue's in general? Anywhere i should check stock and report back i sold them out, just kidding (not really) Cheers
  7. freeze everything to be safe or at least the box if it hasn't been hanging out in your humidor with your other cigars
  8. very cool! thanks for sharing, wish i was there so i went down to my humi, opened the door, closed my eyes, took a deep smell and pretended
  9. Best - Monte Double Edmundo EAG May 15 worst - (NC) Joya de Nicaragua Magnum 660 - flavors were sugar covered cardboard
  10. my inlaws are there now and thanks to me my father in law is now a chronic cigar smoker - i just sent him this list and i suspect he will prob go to each one hahaha
  11. Got some more pictures and i ended up deciding to pass, no hologram green authenticity sticker, no date and factory code stamp, cigars look more then a little rough around the edges.
  12. No idea where the pic was taken but it does look like it's on a bed I don't know that 1 or more boxes in bed is ever a bad thing
  13. Prob because I horribly addicted to collecting, smoking cigars and continuously growing my collection.
  14. Excellent insight, im going to try and get pic's of the back of the boxes and tos it up here when i do. If i decide to pull the trigger ill open the boxes before handing over the cash
  15. The person who wants to sell them to me says they did but who knows........
  16. missing green warranty seal sticker pretty much....

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