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Our little Havana Custom will be ready for Havana Pickup in about 10 days time. I will post the details of how much and where to pick them up (Havana only I'm afraid). There will be a one bundle and 5

Alex rolled, Mule delivery system, look great

Mule returns The best kind of packaging IMO Sampled yesterday-still very fresh and wet, won't be touching these again for at least 6 months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk need to stop worrying
if it is received well (if the blend can be maintained) then they will be permanently available. 
Saaaaaweeeeet ! See you again in Havana in November ^_^
I only worry because I know how many on this board go to the Island haha.
Thanks Prez. Cool idea !
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4 minutes ago, MooseAMuffin said:


Maybe we can get an FoH custom for the forum in the future! :yes:

One day. 

I would need to have consistency in the rollers and consistency in the blend. Right now that is not possible to meet the 7K sticks a month required. 


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