Upmann No. 2 and Royal Robusto codes

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Picked up a LUB Nov 14 box of Upmann 2s in November, and while I have only smoked a couple, I have been impressed by the sheen, color, construction and taste.

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You will also encounter many MEG factory codes for '15 and '16 production.  Same factory as LUB.  

I've got a box of #2s with code MEG OCT 15 that is very good.  Beautiful wrappers, excellent construction.  They're good now, but they will age beautifully.

I also have a box of RR with code MEG MAR 16.  Once again, beautiful wrappers, excellent construction.  These have very good aging potential, but they still taste very young.

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I've got a LUB JUL 14 no 2 that keeps getting better. I'm trying to hold on to my last 10. I've got 6 MEG JUL/AUG 15 RR and have smoked 2 boxes, just started a 3rd and am going to sit on the remaining 3. Haven't had a bad one yet.

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"Thinking about diving into one or both of these Upmann vitolas."

cannot go wrong with either,or with any of this Marca.

Invest in the petit coronas before they are gone.

LUB has been a very good code for me as well, I would buy them again.


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On 2/17/2017 at 4:57 PM, mwaller said:

Thinking about diving into one or both of these Upmann vitolas.  I see LUB codes from 14 & 15 for the No. 2 and 13 - 15 on the Royal Robusto. 

Are there any that I should target specifically or avoid?


One of the things that I love most about Upmann is that you rarely ever find a poorly constructed cigar. Buy with confidence and enjoy. 

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On 2/18/2017 at 4:59 AM, subport said:

I have UPE sep 13. I think UPE became LUB then transitioned to MEG

I see no reason to chase codes just by quality checked cigars with any codes...

I see GEO as the sometimes posted code for Upmann prior to LUB, but I think this is incorrect.  I believe you're correct Subport UPE is the correct code.  

And I once again agree with Subport here--Code chasing is a thing of the past.  The only consideration I give to this anymore is Figurados rolled at La Corona (EML, TOS recently) and El Laguito rolled Cohibas. Its fun to speculate and talk about but that's about it.  

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